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I am in Paris for some days to shoot and try all the gluten free places we can for a coming article in the 3td issue of Niépi magazine. I have to test a lot of exellent gluten free food, visit very nice places and met even nicer people... hard ! You can follow me on instagram as I shoot a lot, and even on the instagram of niepi as I shoot for it too (my iphone in my left pocket, my wife one in the right pocket... people think I am crazy... oh, yes, I am !)... I plan to visit some design places too, but haven't even fount the time to present you nice shops for my last Paris stay 2 months ago... As I read today "if I only I have as much time as I have ideas..."
Perfect exemple, I never share on this blog the book I design for Elodie Rambaud last year. She asked me if I want to design the 288 pages of her favorit and unusual adresses of Paris ! It is very well printed and distributed by Marabout, and is full of amazing secret places... hope they will do an englih version soon.
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design
Shopping insolite à Paris by Elodie Rambaud . Design

New letterpress business card / Found sale -20%

posted in Shop updates | Photos & work news  at 9.37 AM from Home ! Maruéjols Les Gardons (near Alès / Nîmes / Uzès) / France
Every year since 2009, I do a new business card. So for 2014 I work with Studio pression to print this "tag" one. It is printed on 3 colors on front, with illustrations printed first in light grey, and then yellow and black printed over it... What I like with letterpress is the experiment, you are never sure of the final result ! And it is always better than expected ! The paper is 700g and it has a special cut out shape... Check the past ones here and there.
letterpress business card 2014 bu
letterpress business card 2014 bu
letterpress business card 2014 bu
letterpress business card 2014 bu
letterpress business card 2014 bu
letterpress business card 2014 bu

-20% on found products until the end of may

I have a lot of new items to list and also new letters coming... Until the end of the month, the FOUND collection is at -20%. All the found items are original vintage items, unique and available only once. And the only way to get my new business card is to order something in the shop ;)
There some old maps available. I frame some of them and they look great... as the shape are not always the same as the standard frames, I put some old paper to fill the blanks...
Some of the other items still available...
metalletters-mrcup-N  silkposters-mrcup-E
found68-felixpotin-mrcup-00  found69-frame01-mrcup-00
found70-frame02-mrcup-00  found72-frame04-mrcup-00
found76-perca-mrcup-00  found78-Yacco-mrcup-00
found88-photoset02-mrcup-00  found89-photoset03-mrcup-00

La Pensee Sauvage web

posted in Photos & work news | Web design  at 11.06 AM from Home ! Maruéjols Les Gardons (near Alès / Nîmes / Uzès) / France
This week I was please that the web site for La Pensée Sauvage is online. I am the designer for this client/friend for 7 years now, doing everything from identity to signage, photography, brochure...
La pensee sauvage web by
La pensee sauvage web by
La pensee sauvage web by
La pensee sauvage web by
La pensee sauvage web by
Some people write me to tell me it is sad the web section of the blog is empty, but it is always hard to present a web site on a blog like mine, as I mainly present images intead of just a link. If you want to see web site design, I think my pinterest page is more appropriate, and I often check this page too.

Piers Faccini photo session

posted in Photos & work news | Music & Movies | Photo  at 2.22 PM from Home ! Maruéjols Les Gardons (near Alès / Nîmes / Uzès) / France listening Piers Faccini !
Piers Faccini by
When I got in contact with Piers Faccini and was lucky enought to meet him in his house, I hoped of course we might collaborate eventually in one way or another. But I didn't want to push things, I prefer to just let things happen. After seeing the images I'd done of his artwork for my blog, he was positively surprised. He asked me if I'd like to do some portraits of him for the promotion of his new album. It's something I havn't done before and it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Normally I just see things and shoot them, I don't like having to "prepare" a picture. I prefer to talk about "observations" more than photography.
Piers Faccini by
But a collaboration with Piers Faccini is something you can't refuse, and this is exactly what collaboration is : doing together something you wouldn't necessarily do on your own but with it an opportunity to bring out  a different side of you and a new artistic process. I asked Piers to come to Uzès because there are several locations there that could be interesting to shoot in…
This is the alchemy of things... the right place, the right light, the right moment. That way I can use what I shoot and what I see, as a base for an image. I know what I can do with a picture, that's why I am a total photographer of the digital age. For me, images are just elements that canned be reworked and transformed.
Piers Faccini by
I start with the pictures I took in a small café I know, I ask Piers to just sit on a couch near the window. These images reminded me of old portraits from the early 1900's and I thought it could be interesting to rework them in this way. When I got an email from Piers saying "wow!! these are f******* great!!" after I sent him first ones, I knew it was a good idea !
Piers Faccini by
Piers Faccini by
Piers Faccini by


Piers side of the story...

As it is a collaboration, here comes Piers version of the same story  : I met Mr Cup a few months ago when he asked me if we could meet for his blog. We talked Art, music, graphic design and photography. He was also the first person to do a really in-depth piece on all the artwork that I make around my music. It was a meeting of minds and the beginning of a friendship. I'm a fan of his blog and of his whole approach to Art and design and together, we share a love of the everyday, hunting and seeking out beauty in the everyday, even in the banal day to day rhythm of life. Around the time we met, I was looking to do some press shots and portraits to accompany the new album. Being happier the other side of the camera, I don't always make the easiest subject and I'm often looking to try and present images and portraits that go beyond the usual cliches of press portraiture.
Piers Faccini by
Piers Faccini by

Mr Cup is essentially a still life photographer but I wanted to ask him if he'd be up for taking some portraits of me, I just had the instinct that he'd do some great work. We agreed to meet one day in Uzes, he wanted to avoid anything posed and formal, the idea being to walk around and chat and see if in the moment, something might happen. It often takes a while to feel at ease being photographed, sometimes it never happens and the photos don't come out well. With Fabien, it was nice and easy, I forgot quite quickly why I was there, allowing him to capture something more natural, all the while quietly guiding me to the various spots he'd picked out as locations. A couple of hours later, we were done, he didn't take many shots but he seemed to think he had some good ones. A few days later he sent me the first shots he'd worked on and I was blown away, it was exactly what I was hoping for. I love them in both their original state and with the daguerreotype effect he's gone for, with the latter the designer side of him takes over but for that to work, there still had to be a great photograph underneath.
Piers Faccini by
Piers Faccini by
Piers Faccini by
Check out Piers's music if you don't know it yet, his new album Between Dogs And Wolves will be available soon in Europe on Piers Faccini's label, Beating Drum as well as via FNAC. The North American release of the new album will be available via Six Degrees.
You can pre-order and find different collector bundles to accompany the new album in a vinyl or CD format. Theye are also releasing a limited edition hardbackclothbound book of the cover series 'Songs I Love' along with a 17 track cd. This series began two years ago when Piers began recording and sharing online the covers of different artists that he's listened to over the years.


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Clipping Path Specialist

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I want to thank you for the great work.

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Stephanie Faye

03. September, 2014 |

I've been following Anagrama for some time. Their branding is always a source of inspiration, and I love that they're able to work with...

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Zeshan Bilal

20. July, 2014 |

Nice Historical review. I wonder form where u got these but.. Impressive


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