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Mutti Limited Edition by Auge Design

posted in Packaging  at 10.52 AM from Mr Cup Studio / France
mutti mrcup 01
I love Mutti tomatoes products and these limited editions put it to another level ! Amazing simple and powerful design by Ague Design...
mutti mrcup 02
mutti mrcup 03
mutti mrcup 04
mutti mrcup 05
mutti mrcup 06
mutti mrcup 07
mutti mrcup 08
mutti mrcup 09
mutti mrcup 10
mutti mrcup 11
mutti mrcup 12
letterpresscalendar mrcup 01
As every year, printing and sending the calendars in a short time is intense and a little bit crazy! Studio Pression did an amazing job printing it and it took us 3 days to organize and ship all the pre-orders! They are now on their way worldwide: from Ecuador to Taiwan, from Ireland to Australia, it is amazing to see this project growing every year and touching so many people from such different places! Print is not dead !!! I update my Behance page, the studio page, and the too! 
Get it now at, still time for Christmas! We shop daily! 
Here come some production pictures were taken during the past 2 weeks, the printing and shipping process! And we did this little video too! 
letterpresscalendar mrcup 02
letterpresscalendar mrcup 03
letterpresscalendar mrcup 04
letterpresscalendar mrcup 05
letterpresscalendar mrcup 07
letterpresscalendar mrcup 09
letterpresscalendar mrcup 10
letterpresscalendar mrcup 12
letterpresscalendar mrcup 15
letterpresscalendar mrcup 16
letterpresscalendar mrcup 18
letterpresscalendar mrcup 19
letterpresscalendar mrcup 20
letterprescalendar mrcup 21
letterprescalendar mrcup 22
letterprescalendar mrcup 23
Get your now at

Stranger & stranger latest projects

posted in Packaging  at 10.24 PM from Home (near Arles) / France
stranger mrcup 01
Stranger and stranger are to masters for packaging! Here comes a selection of their latest spirits projects, but search for "stranger" in the archives to found a lot more like the ultimate deck or Ludlow Blunt.
stranger mrcup 03
stranger mrcup 04
stranger mrcup 05
stranger mrcup 06
stranger mrcup 07
stranger mrcup 09
stranger mrcup 10
stranger mrcup 11
stranger mrcup 12
stranger mrcup 13
stranger mrcup 14
stranger mrcup 15
stranger mrcup 16
stranger mrcup 17
stranger mrcup 18
stranger mrcup 19
stranger mrcup 20
stranger mrcup 21

Benoit Berger

posted in Identity  at 9.37 PM from Mr Cup Studio / France listening Genesis live 1980
Berger mrcup 01
I love Instagram, and I love when I discover account like Benoit Berger one. It does on me the same effect as when I discover Christian Watson (who, by the way, decided to close his account last week !)... Here comes a selection of his images.
Berger mrcup 02
Berger mrcup 03
Berger mrcup 04
Berger mrcup 05
Berger mrcup 06
Berger mrcup 07
Berger mrcup 08
Berger mrcup 09
Berger mrcup 10
Berger mrcup 11
Berger mrcup 12
Berger mrcup 13
Berger mrcup 14
Berger mrcup 15
Berger mrcup 16
Berger mrcup 17
Berger mrcup 18
Berger mrcup 19
Berger mrcup 20
Berger mrcup 21
Berger mrcup 22
Berger mrcup 23
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