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The Collection is a short documentary about two friends, DJ Ginsberg and Marilyn Wagner, and their discovery of an astonishing and unique collection of movie memorabilia, comprised of over 40,000 printer blocks and 20,000 printer plates used to create the original newspaper advertisements for virtually every movie released in the United States from the silent period through 1984, when newspapers stopped using the letterpress format.
 I can only love that kind of story! I love hunting vintage items and I always hope something like this will happen! It is Keith Tatum who brings me to this film, and his Instagram « The type hunter » is an amazing source of vintage packaging and design. I was so pleased to have him designing the « Trust the unexpected - Everything could happen » sentence for this year letterpress calendar! Keith just set up a new website as he was to bring his passion for vintage design to a next level!
Talking about vintage items, I also met on Instagram Mark E Sackett, who is a crazy collector too and is going to open an ephemera museum in San Fransisco called The Box SF! And Mark is coming to France next month an I will show you around some places to found vintage items!
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Everything is in the experience! Here comes the Mr Cup ebooks, all with a selection of 50 projects in categories: branding, print, packaging or Instagram! Support this blog and found inspiration at the same time.;
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Gmund by tolleson

posted in Exellence  at 11.41 AM from Mr Cup Studio / France listening Kora (CA)
tolleson gmund mrcup 01
I have an book about Tolleson work which is my bible ! Their collaboration with Gmund is just perfect. Since the early 19th century, Gmund has produced the world’s finest papers. In a partnership that’s spanned more than a decade, Tolleson and Gmund have collaborated on the frontlines of an industry in transition. 
tolleson gmund mrcup 02
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Tolleson also work on the swatchbook, an invaluable sales tool. The goal was to create a cohesive collection that would showcase Gmund papers’ performance capabilities and serve as a testament to each product’s artistry and printability. I have several of them and they are just candies for designers !
tolleson gmund mrcup 06
tolleson gmund mrcup 07
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tolleson gmund mrcup 09
tolleson gmund mrcup 10
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La Diplomate by Rice Creative

posted in Identity  at 2.09 PM from Mr Cup Studio / France listening Stephan Bodzin
ladiplomate mrcup 01
Great identity and tea boxes label by Rice Creative (in Vietnam) for this Bordeaux (France) shop ! What a small world.
ladiplomate mrcup 02
ladiplomate mrcup 03
ladiplomate mrcup 04
ladiplomate mrcup 05
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