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MPO vinyles made in France

posted in Music & Movies  at 1.09 PM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
mpo redbull mrcup 01
One of the biggest factories of vinyl is in France, and never stop production for 60 years! In these days of “vinyl revival” Redbull (yes, Redbull) made a great article with beautiful photos on their blog. I do not find an English version, but you should take a look only for the images!
mpo redbull mrcup 02
mpo redbull mrcup 03
mpo redbull mrcup 04
mpo redbull mrcup 05
mpo redbull mrcup 06
mpo redbull mrcup 07
mpo redbull mrcup 08
mpo redbull mrcup 09
mpo redbull mrcup 10
mpo redbull mrcup 11
mpo redbull mrcup 12
mpo redbull mrcup 13
mpo redbull mrcup 14
mpo redbull mrcup 15
mpo redbull mrcup 16
mpo redbull mrcup 17
mpo redbull mrcup 18

Grönstedts Le National '17 by GROW

posted in Packaging  at 9.18 AM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
gronstedts le national mrcup 01
"Every June, when the magical midsummer nights take hold of Sweden, Grönstedts release only 1,500 numbered bottles of their annual limited edition cognac. Le National is a rare bespoke experience that is never repeated, and the challenge is to continually capture the essence of product as it evolves each year, through packaging design down to the product itself."

Check 16 edition here.

gronstedts le national mrcup 02
gronstedts le national mrcup 03
gronstedts le national mrcup 04
gronstedts le national mrcup 05
gronstedts le national mrcup 07
gronstedts le national mrcup 09

Napoléon Stratège by Violaine & Jeremy

posted in Identity  at 1.30 PM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
napoleon stratege mrcup 02
Last year I have the pleasure to visit Violaine and Jeremy studio in Paris and it was another great moment sharing about creative process! I still have to post about this great moment!  Their project for Napoléon exhibition in Paris is a perfect example of their work with Jeremy pencil illustrations and the special font created for it. See more on their website. 
napoleon stratege mrcup 01

napoleon stratege mrcup 03
napoleon stratege mrcup 04
napoleon stratege mrcup 05
napoleon stratege mrcup 06
napoleon stratege mrcup 07
napoleon stratege mrcup 08
napoleon stratege mrcup 09
napoleon stratege mrcup 10

Bulls Garage & Garden Bar by Hachetresele

posted in Identity  at 1.24 PM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 01
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 02
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 03
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 04
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 05
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 06
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 07
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 08
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 09
bulls garage garden bar mrcup 10

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