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March 2017 Archives


Dan Gretta Design

posted in Identity | Packaging  at 4.25 PM from Mr Cup Studio / France listening Eels
dangretta mrcup 01
Of course, I love Dan Gretta work! Nice mix of vintage inspiration and modern design! 
dangretta mrcup 02
dangretta mrcup 03
dangretta mrcup 04
dangretta mrcup 05
dangretta mrcup 06
dangretta mrcup 077
dangretta mrcup 08
dangretta mrcup 09
dangretta mrcup 10
dangretta mrcup 11
dangretta mrcup 12
dangretta mrcup 13
dangretta mrcup 14
dangretta mrcup 15
dangretta mrcup 16
dangretta mrcup 17
dangretta mrcup 19
dangretta mrcup 20

The French type tour !

posted in Life & travels  at 10.08 AM from Mr Cup Studio / France
mrcup frenchtypetour 01
It is always a beautiful experience to visit a country or city with someone who lives it every day and who can share his version of the place. This is also the case in the other direction, to be the host and see this place where you have your habits and your routine suddenly become a magical place!
I met Mark E Sacket via Instagram, and through The Type Hunter, Keith Tatum who participated in the calendar this year. Mark shares on his account the hundreds (thousands) of photos from his ephemera collection: papers, advertising cards, packaging ... everything around type! Based in San Fransisco, he has just opened "The Box SF" to show (and sell) all these objects and this is just the beginning of a great project dedicated to the memory of our graphic culture. The following will be events, conferences, workshops ...
mrcup frenchtypetour 02
mrcup frenchtypetour 03
mrcup frenchtypetour 04
mrcup frenchtypetour 05
mrcup frenchtypetour 06
mrcup frenchtypetour 07
mrcup frenchtypetour 08
When Mark decided to come to Paris, it was for Bibliomania, a bi-annual ephemera market! The opportunity for me to go "to the big city" and spend 10 hours rummaging through boxes and boxes of travel labels, postcards or old books! We then took the opportunity to visit some timeless stores, the impression of being in the famous "Diagon Alley"!
mrcup frenchtypetour 09
mrcup frenchtypetour 10
mrcup frenchtypetour 11
mrcup frenchtypetour 12
mrcup frenchtypetour 13
mrcup frenchtypetour 14
mrcup frenchtypetour 15
mrcup frenchtypetour 16
mrcup frenchtypetour 17
mrcup frenchtypetour 18
mrcup frenchtypetour 19
mrcup frenchtypetour 20
mrcup frenchtypetour 21
mrcup frenchtypetour 22
A few days after our Parisian escapade, Mark comes to the south, to Arles where I installed Mr Cup Studio 2 years ago now. After digging into my collection, we took the road to Bordeaux, stopping us in Montpellier or Carcassone! We ended our trip in the company of Philippe, one of the authors of the works of Auguste Derrière, to drink wine while admiring his collection of old books of illustrations or the catalog of the world exhibition of 1889 by the fire and surrounded by happy cats!
mrcup frenchtypetour 24
mrcup frenchtypetour 25
mrcup frenchtypetour 26
mrcup frenchtypetour 27
mrcup frenchtypetour 28
mrcup frenchtypetour 29
mrcup frenchtypetour 30
mrcup frenchtypetour 31
mrcup frenchtypetour 32
mrcup frenchtypetour 33
I think to develop this idea of "French type tour" because it is always a beautiful moment of sharing in the "real life"! Who would be in? Contact me! 

Limited edition letterpress posters

posted in Shop updates | Print | Graphic  at 9.32 PM from Home / France listening Depeche Mode . Spirit
mrcup letterpressposters 01
Following the success of the letterpress calendar, I wanted to create a set of limited edition posters. As for the calendar, the concept is to create a typographic illustration based on an inspirational sentence about design or creativity.
This was made possible only as I collaborate with Jean-Christophe, the man behind Studio Pression. Since we met in 2013, a strong creative relation has begun: his passion and knowledge or the letterpress printing process push me above my creative skills. When I create to visual for this posters, I was not sure how much details could be printed and how it will look like at the end. The result is above my expectation and printed on 350 g cotton paper, the relief is impressive and the feeling of looking at your creation printed in letterpress is unique! The sound of this beast is amazing...
We set up 2 editions: black printing on 350 g white paper, and silver printing on 350 g black paper. Each design is limited to 100 prints, all hand signed. They are now available at
mrcup letterpressposters 02
mrcup letterpressposters 03
mrcup letterpressposters 04
mrcup letterpressposters 05
mrcup letterpressposters 08
mrcup letterpressposters 09
mrcup letterpressposters 10
mrcup letterpressposters 11
mrcup letterpressposters 12
mrcup letterpressposters 13
mrcup letterpressposters 14
mrcup letterpressposters 15
mrcup letterpressposters 16
mrcup letterpressposters 17
mrcup letterpressposters 19
mrcup letterpressposters 20
mrcup letterpressposters 21
mrcup letterpressposters 22
mrcup letterpressposters 23
We set up 2 editions: black printing on 350 g white paper, and silver printing on 350 g black paper. Each design is limited to 100 prints, all hand signed. They are now available at

Welcome to p98a letterpress workshop

posted in Interior  at 6.56 AM from Home (near Arles) / France listening Sting 57th and 9th
p98a mrcup 01
Welcome to p98a, an experimental letterpress workshop in Berlin Tiergarten, created by Erik Spiekermann. They are a group of multi-disciplined designers, exploring how letterpress can be redefined in the 21st century through printing, research, collecting, publishing and making things.
p98a mrcup 02
p98a mrcup 03
p98a mrcup 04
p98a mrcup 05
p98a mrcup 06
p98a mrcup 07
p98a mrcup 08
p98a mrcup 09
p98a mrcup 10
p98a mrcup 11

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