See you at OFFF in Barcelona with Adobe / new mr-cup.com web site

posted in Mr CUP News   Tuesday, 04 April 2017 from Mr Cup Studio / France listening REM Out of time
 mrcup off2016 01
Tomorrow I will be back in Barcelona for my 3td Offf festival, the place to be for inspiration! Again this year I came under the invitation of Adobe, with a bunch of other designers and creatives! It starts tomorrow for us, as we have a lot of things to do in Barcelona before the opening of Offf on Thursday! I really want to see "in real" Vaughan Olivier, Kelli Anderson, Annie  Atkins. Follow me on twitter, Instagram and facebook to share the experience and here come some pictures I took during last year edition! 
mrcup off2016 02
mrcup off2016 03
mrcup off2016 04
mrcup off2016 05
mrcup off2016 06
mrcup off2016 07
mrcup off2016 08
mrcup off2016 09
This last portrait of me is by akusepp, check this last year post for more portraits ! 
Just before living to Barcelona, we just update the mr-cup.com page, one page to rule them all! After the new Shop and Studio/portfolio, I need a page to sum up all that I do on one page! Hope you like it! The blog is the next big thing, with larger images and so much more! The best way to follow is to subscribe to the newsletter here ! 
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