Star Wars Mandala by Tony Bamber

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TonyBamber mrcup 01
On this Star Wars Day, I wanted to share about this amazing Mandal created by Tony Bamber some years ago. May the 4th be with you.
TonyBamber mrcup 02
TonyBamber mrcup 03
TonyBamber mrcup 04
TonyBamber mrcup 05
TonyBamber mrcup 06


2017 Movie posters

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mrcup 2017movies 01
On these first days of 2018 I wanted to look back and post about best movie posters of 2017. I am happy to said I love the new Star Wars and it is at the images of the posters and design done for it : different and ... red ! Here comes my selection...
mrcup 2017movies 02
mrcup 2017movies 03
mrcup 2017movies 04
mrcup 2017movies 05
mrcup 2017movies 06
mrcup 2017movies 07
mrcup 2017movies 08
mrcup 2017movies 09
mrcup 2017movies 10
mrcup 2017movies 11
mrcup 2017movies 12
mrcup 2017movies 13
mrcup 2017movies 14
mrcup 2017movies 15
mrcup 2017movies 16
mrcup 2017movies 17
mrcup 2017movies 18
mrcup 2017movies 20
mrcup 2017movies 21
mrcup 2017movies 22
mrcup 2017movies 23
mrcup 2017movies 24
mrcup 2017movies 43
mrcup 2017movies 25
mrcup 2017movies 26
mrcup 2017movies 27
mrcup 2017movies 28
mrcup 2017movies 29
mrcup 2017movies 30
mrcup 2017movies 31
mrcup 2017movies 32
mrcup 2017movies 33
mrcup 2017movies 34
mrcup 2017movies 35
mrcup 2017movies 36
mrcup 2017movies 37
mrcup 2017movies 38
mrcup 2017movies 40
mrcup 2017movies 41
mrcup 2017movies 42
mrcup 2017movies 44
mrcup 2017movies 45
mrcup 2017movies 46
mrcup 2017movies 47
mrcup 2017movies 48
mrcup 2017movies 49
For more check the following : 
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Blade Runner 2049 by Territory studio

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territry bladerunner mrcup 01
We have a common project with Territory studio for some months (years ?) and hope to bring it to life soon! If you see any recent movie over the past months, you have seen their work!! They work in wide range of disciplines, but what fascinate me is their work for screen graphics : they craft original and stunning realized screen content and UI design for on-set to support film narrative and performance. It was again the case for the amazing Blade Runner 2049, with a perfect translation, in screen graphic, of the mood of the movie. 
As they said : Tapped to create screen graphics for the sequel to Ridley Scott’s iconic film, Territory joined the art department in the very early stages of production. With an open brief to reconsider technology interfaces and interaction systems, we worked closely with Director Denis Villeneuve and Supervising Art Director Paul Inglis to support storybeats, performance and context. Adopting an experimental approach, the team set out to create highly original screens. Working across 15 sets, we delivered over 100 assets for on set playback, also driving the design direction for those concepts delivered to post.
territry bladerunner mrcup 02
territry bladerunner mrcup 03
territry bladerunner mrcup 04
territry bladerunner mrcup 05
territry bladerunner mrcup 06
territry bladerunner mrcup 07
territry bladerunner mrcup 08
territry bladerunner mrcup 09
territry bladerunner mrcup 10
territry bladerunner mrcup 11


Nice to meet you : Territory studio

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territory mrcup 01
Last week I was in London to work at Territory Studio. I met David Sheldon-hicks, creative director of the studio, at Offf 2 years ago and we have a project in mind together since then! We are working on it, so I hope I can share it with you soon. Territory studio is famous for their work on movies graphics such as Guardians of the galaxy or Avengers. Here comes some photos I did in the studio (even if it was hard to take pictures because I see a lot of secret project on these screens !) that I play with... and their work on the first Guardians... More soon !
territory mrcup 02
territory mrcup 03
territory mrcup 04
territory mrcup 05
territory mrcup 06
territory mrcup 07
It seems time stop on January 22th 2015 in the studio ! 
territory mrcup 08
territory mrcup 09
territory mrcup 12
territory mrcup 11
territory mrcup 10
territory mrcup 13
territory mrcup 14