EPHEMERID playing cards update and a new ebook!

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collection jockers
If you follow me on my Instagram or studio one (or support the project) you saw the EPHEMERID cards updates! All the cards are now designed, including the Jokers! There will be 4 of them, coming with the other 54 cards! Here comes the full design! 
epehmerid full cards v3
Here are more details.
collection spades
collection diamonds
collection clubs
collection hearts
If you miss it there will be a wood box edition with 4 decks! 
You can pre-order them on www.mrcup.shop.com !  
And for any order, you can get the new ebook for free (or get it at a special price too with past edition here).
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American Sign Museum by Eric Kass

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amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 01
Ephemerotica is the blog of Eric Kass! And of course I love it ! Check his last post about the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 02
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 03
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 04
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 05
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 06
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 07
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 08
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 09
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 11
amazing AmericanSignMuseum mrcup 12

The Collection is a short documentary about two friends, DJ Ginsberg and Marilyn Wagner, and their discovery of an astonishing and unique collection of movie memorabilia, comprised of over 40,000 printer blocks and 20,000 printer plates used to create the original newspaper advertisements for virtually every movie released in the United States from the silent period through 1984, when newspapers stopped using the letterpress format.
 I can only love that kind of story! I love hunting vintage items and I always hope something like this will happen! It is Keith Tatum who brings me to this film, and his Instagram « The type hunter » is an amazing source of vintage packaging and design. I was so pleased to have him designing the « Trust the unexpected - Everything could happen » sentence for this year letterpress calendar! Keith just set up a new website as he was to bring his passion for vintage design to a next level!
Talking about vintage items, I also met on Instagram Mark E Sackett, who is a crazy collector too and is going to open an ephemera museum in San Fransisco called The Box SF! And Mark is coming to France next month an I will show you around some places to found vintage items!
thecollection mrcup 02
thecollection mrcup 04
thecollection mrcup 05
thecollection mrcup 06
thecollection mrcup 07
thecollection mrcup 08
thecollection mrcup 09
thecollection mrcup 10
thecollection mrcup 11
thecollection mrcup 12
thecollection mrcup 13
thecollection mrcup 14
thecollection mrcup 15
thecollection mrcup 16


Robert Smail's Printing Workshop visit by DoseProd

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robertsmail doseprod mrcup 02
Thanks to all who already get their 2017 letterpress calendar over the Kickstarter campaign, more than 40% in 5 days, this is so great!
When Sam Hayles of DOSEprod shows me his pictures of his weekend visit in the Robert Smail's Printing Workshop, I want to share them right away ! With the studio and projects, I really have no time to visit creatives and workshop and I miss it ! I am pretty sure I smell the paper and ink when watching at these pictures... 
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 01
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 03
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 04
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 05
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 06
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 07
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 08
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 09
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 11
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 12
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 13
robertsmail doseprod mrcup 14