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Being really active on Instagram makes me lose interest in posting on this blog. But I figure out while teaching type this week, that it is really useful and a different tool to the "daily use" of Instagram. Following the motto "Better done than perfect" I will try to post more here, even short and mixed posts, to not lose track of what I see and what inspires me. Here are 5 projects I like !

Mariestads by Lachlan Bullock

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Union Break Cigars by Dan Gretta

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Reynolda by Device Creative

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Castle & Key by Stranger & Stranger

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Hotel 1231 by Kolektyf

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NeueHouse Los Angeles

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Last week I was in LA as part of the Insiders program. We spend some hours in this amazing place to do workshops, exchanges and discover Adobe new products. I love coworking spaces and this is the next level ! Totally amazing! Take a look around.
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They also have a new building plan, so I hope can visit it one day...
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neuehouse mrcup 13
neuehouse mrcup 15
Thanks again Adobe France for this inspiring moment!

Visit NeueHouse


Studio visit : Mayùscula

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I love creative spaces, where the magic happen! I love to visit them and share time with designers, what I did a lot in the past (check "Nice to meet you"). I visit Mayùscula in Barcelona back in 2015 (article here). Since then, they move to a bigger place and I want to go back! 
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Welcome to p98a letterpress workshop

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Welcome to p98a, an experimental letterpress workshop in Berlin Tiergarten, created by Erik Spiekermann. They are a group of multi-disciplined designers, exploring how letterpress can be redefined in the 21st century through printing, research, collecting, publishing and making things.
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