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I can not believe I never post about Louise Filly on this blog. Here is a little tour of her studio and a selection of identity and packaging. 
Louisefili mrcup 02
Louisefili mrcup 03
Louisefili mrcup 04
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Louisefili mrcup 06
Louisefili mrcup 07
Louisefili mrcup 08
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Being really active on Instagram makes me lose interest in posting on this blog. But I figure out while teaching type this week, that it is really useful and a different tool to the "daily use" of Instagram. Following the motto "Better done than perfect" I will try to post more here, even short and mixed posts, to not lose track of what I see and what inspires me. Here are 5 projects I like !

Mariestads by Lachlan Bullock

selection5 mrcup 02
selection5 mrcup 03

Union Break Cigars by Dan Gretta

selection5 mrcup 04
selection5 mrcup 05
selection5 mrcup 06

Reynolda by Device Creative

selection5 mrcup 07
selection5 mrcup 08
selection5 mrcup 09

Castle & Key by Stranger & Stranger

selection5 mrcup 10
selection5 mrcup 11
selection5 mrcup 12

Hotel 1231 by Kolektyf

selection5 mrcup 13
selection5 mrcup 14
selection5 mrcup 15


Moka Clube - Barrel Aged by Diego Carneiro

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Nice typographic work, great engraving style illustration, for a coffee-related project... What else !!! 
mokaclube mrcup 02
mokaclube mrcup 03
mokaclube mrcup 04
mokaclube mrcup 05
mokaclube mrcup 06
mokaclube mrcup 07
mokaclube mrcup 08
mokaclube mrcup 09


Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur by The Young Jerks

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mrblack mrcup 01
I sadly did not post as often as usual in this blog. Instagram took a lot of time and I hope you follow me there. I have so much projets I want to share and I will try to update more often. Here is the Mr Black coffee liqueur design by The Young Jerks. Check their website for a lot of other inspiring projects.
mrblack mrcup 02
mrblack mrcup 03
mrblack mrcup 04
mrblack mrcup 05
mrblack mrcup 07
mrblack mrcup 08
mrblack mrcup 09
mrblack mrcup 10
mrblack mrcup 12
mrblack mrcup 13