MPO vinyles made in France

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mpo redbull mrcup 01
One of the biggest factories of vinyl is in France, and never stop production for 60 years! In these days of “vinyl revival” Redbull (yes, Redbull) made a great article with beautiful photos on their blog. I do not find an English version, but you should take a look only for the images!
mpo redbull mrcup 02
mpo redbull mrcup 03
mpo redbull mrcup 04
mpo redbull mrcup 05
mpo redbull mrcup 06
mpo redbull mrcup 07
mpo redbull mrcup 08
mpo redbull mrcup 09
mpo redbull mrcup 10
mpo redbull mrcup 11
mpo redbull mrcup 12
mpo redbull mrcup 13
mpo redbull mrcup 14
mpo redbull mrcup 15
mpo redbull mrcup 16
mpo redbull mrcup 17
mpo redbull mrcup 18


The Great Electronic Swindle by Carosello Lab

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The Great Electronic MrCup 02
The Great Electronic MrCup 03
The Great Electronic MrCup 04
The Great Electronic MrCup 05
The Great Electronic MrCup 06


Album packaging by Invisible Creature

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invisiblecreatures mrcup 01
As a vinyl collector (check my dedicated instagram acount @mrcupvinyl) I wanted to share Invisible Creatures new projects for a long time. It is really impressive the contrast between their music projects, illustrations and toys but everything is at a very high level of quality! 
invisiblecreatures mrcup 02
invisiblecreatures mrcup 03
invisiblecreatures mrcup 04
invisiblecreatures mrcup 05
invisiblecreatures mrcup 06
invisiblecreatures mrcup 07
invisiblecreatures mrcup 08
invisiblecreatures mrcup 09
invisiblecreatures mrcup 10
invisiblecreatures mrcup 11
invisiblecreatures mrcup 12
invisiblecreatures mrcup 13
invisiblecreatures mrcup 14
invisiblecreatures mrcup 15
invisiblecreatures mrcup 16


Holographic foil printed CD by Fundamental

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fundamental mrcup 01
As I work on the next edition of the letterpress calendar I am exploring paper and printing technique. I wanted to use holographic foil printing but I guess the design of the cover won't look right with it. So we are more on a gold foil, but nothing is finalized yet. If you want to be sure to update on the launch of the calendar, subscribe to the newsletter here. This week I also update the www.mr-cup.com page that brings you to my 3 websites now: this blog for inspiration now at www.mrcup-blog.com, my work is now at www.mrcup-studio.com and the shop at www.mrcup-shop.com. It was important to separate the blog from my work.
Also, October will be crazy with Adobe Max coming in Las Vegas where I will be happy to attend invited by the Adobe France team ! This is amazing! I will also come back to Paris to visit some studios in early October and in Madrid at the end to do a talk! In the middle of that, we work on the new blog design! I will sleep after Christmas! 
Here comes a nice CD cover which uses the holographic foil printing for all these graphics elements by Hong Kong studio Fundamental. Enjoy.
fundamental mrcup 02
fundamental mrcup 03
fundamental mrcup 04
fundamental mrcup 05
fundamental mrcup 06
fundamental mrcup 07