Offf with Adobe : portraits by AKUsepp

posted in Mr CUP News   Friday, 14 April 2017 from Home (near Arles) / France
 offfbyakusepp mrcup 02

What happens when you put a bunch of designers together in a city like Barcelona?

They have to do something together! I was invited by Adobe at Offf for the second year. Sebastien Spasic, known as AKUsepp on Instagram, starts shooting portraits of guests and speakers last year, as I show in this post. For this year, we want to push it further. We start with pictures with an object but after the first one, I think it would be even cooler if each of us personalizes the photo to show his work and style : pixel art, lettering, illustration... this is the result of the pictures done over 2 days!

Click each picture to know more on each creative! 
 offfbyakusepp mrcup 01
offfbyakusepp mrcup 03
offfbyakusepp mrcup 04
offfbyakusepp mrcup 05
offfbyakusepp mrcup 06
offfbyakusepp mrcup 07
offfbyakusepp mrcup 08
offfbyakusepp mrcup 09
offfbyakusepp mrcup 10
offfbyakusepp mrcup 11
offfbyakusepp mrcup 12
I also was invited to share about the letterpress calendar and Walter magazine wiht Rufus Deuchler on Adobe live, a video you can see on youtube! 
mrcup adobelive
While I talk about OFFF, my friend Alessio Carone shoot some nice pictures, here comes a little selection, see more here.
offfalessio mrcup 01
offfalessio mrcup 02
offfalessio mrcup 03
offfalessio mrcup 04
offfalessio mrcup 05
offfalessio mrcup 06
Thanks again Adobe !