Bali : vintages chairs & Vespa

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This is a week end post ! Thanks for all the orders of the Helvetica wood and coasters, the first packages will be send on monday. It seems some people have some bugs on the ordering process, so if you try to order and fail, please email me on which device and what goes wrong...
Thanks a lot for all these nice feedbacks, tweets, facebooks messages about the new site, and articles about the products : The Dieline / Design Work Life / Inspirare 

Today found in bali

I was looking for simple cupboard and I found so much more... this is Bali ! I love this chairs, I would want to took them all ! If you have a bar or a project where they can be at the right place, feel free to contact me...
bali-nov12-mrcup-01 Metal vintage colors chair - www.mr-cup.Com
bali-nov12-mrcup-03 bali-nov12-mrcup-04
After some more road, I found this shop selling vintage Vespa. I am not sure everything is from origin but they are superb, and will go so well with the chairs ;)
bali-nov12-mrcup-05 bali-nov12-mrcup-06
bali-nov12-mrcup-07 bali-nov12-mrcup-08
Earlier this week, I stop by the house a guy passionate by Vespa Side Car... the red "Starsky & Hutch" one is my favorit.
bali-nov12-mrcup-09 bali-nov12-mrcup-10

Everyday life in Bali

And here are some images of Bali life... the temples and the every days offers to the gods.
This stunning view may be soon something I see everyday...
bali-nov12-mrcup-15 bali-nov12-mrcup-16
The main touristic attraction in Ubud, is the Sacred Monkey Forest. You can walk in this magnificent place with monkeys everywhere... the other picture is a nice under the rain sunset too from my home.
bali-nov12-mrcup-17 bali-nov12-mrcup-18
All these pictures werre taken with instagram of course, and they just do a profile page where you can see all my pictures and follow me... Better late than never...


Rules to understand design & designers

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Rules to understand design and designers wall sticker - www.mr-cup.com
With all the news on the Mr Cup project, I guess you need some help to see everything. You know the 7 rules to understand design and designers, which was the source for 12 ones used on the 2011 letterpress calendar. On this first edition of the calendar, I compose the rules using only different version of the Bodoni font, a classic...
I think every rule can be independant from each other, and if only two werre available on the harmonie interieure shop, I put 9 in the new Mr Cup shop.
If you go on the detail page of the Designers rules wall sticker, you can choose between the 9 of the rules. As all the stickers, there are 2 sizes available & you can choose between the 20 colors...

Why no 2013 letterpress calendar ?

As the question comes often, here comes my answer. What I want is create things, for the fun of it... If I could make money with it, great... The 2011 calendar was a great challenge and I loved it... 2012 one was great even if it does not the same "1st time" feeling... This year is special for me, as I travel a lot and move to Bali.
So I want to do something new and focus on the Helvetica wood letter which is a project I want to do for years... So, there won't be a 2013 letterpress calendar... But if you look for a nice gift for your designer friend, husband, wife, daughter, you still can offer a wood letter and some letterpress coasters !
These 2 pictures featuring the october 2012 calendar page werre taken by the amazing Hannah Lemholt which blog worth some hours to lose yourself into it... She was recently in Ubud, where I live, but we miss each other...


Mr Cup metal coin business card

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For Mr-Cup, I want to have unique business cards... I try letterpress for the past 3 years, so I need to push it even further... Here comes the result...
Mr Cup metal buisness card coin
Mr Cup metal buisness card coin
Mr Cup metal buisness card coin
Mr Cup metal buisness card coin
I asked Alex Rinker to do me a cup illustration for the back of the coin. Sorry to said this is a very limited edition, so please do not ask for one ;) I keep it for studio I will visit...
So, why Mr Cup ? Over the years, a lot of people tell me graphic exchange replace the newspaper they read with their coffee every morning + I am coffee addict (I think it would change in Bali, but so good coffee shops here) + Michael Stipe...
More Mr Cup tools can be seen here... waitting for a new letterpress buisness card too !


Welcome to the new Mr Cup and Graphic exchange

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So, it is now 00h00 in Bali, and we are the 12 november ! After almost 1 year I get the idea of "Mr-Cup" here it comes, the site is online. A big thanks to Mathieu for his help and for not getting crazy each time I change my mind... Graphic exchange is still my blog, it is now integrated to a bigger project to have everything on the same site.
So in details, Mr Cup is now :


You can buy the wood products I made in Bali like the Helvetica Wood letters... Choose one letter (19€ each) or compose you own words to have discount : 5 to 8 letters: 1 free letter / 9 to 12 letters: 2 free letters / 13 to 15 letters: 3 free letters / More than 15 letters: 4 free letters
To celebrate this, for any order of wood items (letters or coasters) you will get a MrCup wood coaster (until december 1st).
You can also found some new stickers like the "Cheap/Good/Fast" that I want to do for a long long time... Also, it will much easier now to choose size and color than in the Harmonie interieure site. Check all the Created products in the shop >>
You will also see 2 new sections in the shop, that are not open yet : SELECTED which are items by other designers and brands that I like and FOUND which will be vintage unique objects...

THE work

This section presents my up to date porfolio. Except some projects, I do not really update my portfolio since 2009. So you can now see a lot of new works, in 3 sections : Commissioned / Self Initiated / Photography. Here comes a selection of images, check the work section for much more...

THE blog

So, after 6 years and half, the new Graphic exchange is here... It has all what was missing on the old version : social links, comments, direct links...
I also introduce a lot of new sections that need to be fill. We have repost all the articles done since july, all the others ones, thousand and thousand ones done since june 2006 can be found in the archives here.
As you can see, there is also sponsors now. After years doing the blog without it, it was time to bring them in. But I do not want this to be random adverts, I want to select only products and brands that fit with the spirit of this blog. I hope this will help me to dedicate even more time to post and help me to continue to visit studio and share about creativity. If you want to receive the media kit, just contact me at contact(a)mr-cup.com or use the contact page.
A new section is the EVENTS, that I hope will grow in time. I post some for now, but if you have more, you just can submit them using this form. Event submission is free until 2013, then a small contribution will be asked.
That said, I wait for your feedback, and if you see some bugs, please write me or leave a comment... Enjoy life ! (I do).