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carosellolab mrcup 01
I think holiday is a great time to work on my own identity work. Now I launch the new mrcup-shop.com and mrcup-studio.com websites, I think a multi-cards would be great and this one by Carosello is really inspiring! I want to share it as soon as I see it on The designers league facebook group created by Tom Ludd... Tom who design a page for the letterpress-calendar.com... you follow me ? No ? Whatever, enjoy the images...
carosellolab mrcup 02
carosellolab mrcup 03
carosellolab mrcup 04
carosellolab mrcup 05
carosellolab mrcup 06
carosellolab mrcup 07
carosellolab mrcup 08
carosellolab mrcup 09
carosellolab mrcup 10
carosellolab mrcup 11
carosellolab mrcup 12
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carosellolab mrcup 16
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Tugba Ozcan

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TugbaOzcan mrcup 02
TugbaOzcan mrcup 03
TugbaOzcan mrcup 04
TugbaOzcan mrcup 05
TugbaOzcan mrcup 06
TugbaOzcan mrcup 07
TugbaOzcan mrcup 08
TugbaOzcan mrcup 09
TugbaOzcan mrcup 10
TugbaOzcan mrcup 11
TugbaOzcan mrcup 12



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acre mrcup 01
The letterpress calendar is now printed, and we start sending them on Monday ! Time to share other creative and inspiring products ! Love the Units of Measure calendar new edition, the perpetual calendar I discover when I met ACRE team in Singapore and present in Walter magazine volume 1 ! They just launch their new shop !
acre mrcup 02
acre mrcup 03
acre mrcup 04
acre mrcup 05
acre mrcup 06
acre mrcup 07
acre mrcup 09
acre mrcup 10
acre mrcup 11
As last year, I put a selection of objects I like at Pinterest. Support the makers and check my gift guide
Mr Cup gift shop


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The letterpress calendar by mr-cup
Tomorrow, I will do a visit to Studio Pression to finish the printing of the letterpress calendar ! JC, the man behind it, works like a Christmas elf for the past days to have it ready ! Then it will be my turn to pack and send them !
If you haven't get your copy yet, hurry up as the wood cover edition is almost sold out ! Check www.letterpress-calendar.com, and here come some teasing details !
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letterpresscalendar mrcup 01
letterpresscalendar mrcup 02
letterpresscalendar mrcup 03
letterpresscalendar mrcup 04
IMG 0686
letterpresscalendar mrcup 05
letterpresscalendar mrcup 06
letterpresscalendar mrcup 07
letterpresscalendar mrcup 08
letterpresscalendar mrcup 09