15 shops and craftsmen

posted in Design   Monday, 29 July 2013 from Home ! Maruéjols Les Gardons (near Alès / Nîmes / Uzès) / France
I discovered so many shops and chraftsmen who sell their own products that selecting one a month is too limited. So instead I offer a selection of all the shops I follow recently and for which I appreciate the approach, mindset, with whom I share a love of beautiful things.
mrcup-shopselect-01-slideshowpress mrcup-shopselect-02-woody mrcup-shopselect-03-artisan-obscura2
mrcup-shopselect-04-mujjo mrcup-shopselect-05-playtype mrcup-shopselect-06-ugmonk
mrcup-shopselect-07-3potato4 mrcup-shopselect-08-1924 mrcup-shopselect-09-everyday-needs
mrcup-shopselect-10-homeandpaper mrcup-shopselect-11-hudsonmadeny mrcup-shopselect-12-huz
mrcup-shopselect-13-inkandwit mrcup-shopselect-14-littleink mrcup-shopselect-15-thecalmgallery