Obsessive coffee disorder

posted in Identity | Packaging   Tuesday, 16 August 2016 from Mr Cup Creative Studio / France
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If you get your copy of Walter magazine 1, you may have seen the "Obsessive Coffee Disorder" article where I talk about creative coffee projects, places and packaging ! I can not include everything in it, and discover new inspiring coffee related projects often ! Here comes a new selection of project you may enjoy with a good cappuccino ! 

Cream coffee by Mat Llehman studio

coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 05
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 04
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 06
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 07
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 02
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 09
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 10
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 11
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 12
coffee mattlehmanstudio mrcup 14

The Penny Drop Cafe by Pop & Pac

coffee popandpac mrcup 01
coffee popandpac mrcup 02
coffee popandpac mrcup 03``
coffee popandpac mrcup 04
coffee popandpac mrcup 05
coffee popandpac mrcup 06
coffee popandpac mrcup 07
coffee popandpac mrcup 08
Comme.Co by Pop & Pac
coffee popandpac mrcup 09
coffee popandpac mrcup 10
coffee popandpac mrcup 11
coffee popandpac mrcup 12

Collected Coffee by Five thousand fingers

coffee fivethousandfingers mrcup 01
coffee fivethousandfingers mrcup 02
coffee fivethousandfingers mrcup 03

Cafe de la Corte by The collected works

coffee thecollectedworks mrcup 01
coffee thecollectedworks mrcup 02
coffee thecollectedworks mrcup 03
coffee thecollectedworks mrcup 04
coffee thecollectedworks mrcup 05
coffee thecollectedworks mrcup 06
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waltermag bymrcup 22 coffee
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waltermag bymrcup 26 coffee
waltermag bymrcup 27 coffee