Tomorrow I will have a new home

posted in Interior   Wednesday, 12 June 2013 from Les Sardines Aux Yeux Bleus (near Uzes) / France
So, tomorrow we will have the keys of our new home. We do not buy a new place, we will rent it. We found a nice old house (owner told us it was there in 1790...), nicely restored with exposed stones and white walls... It is not the perfect place has it does not have a garden, but it has a nice terrace...
So, tomorrow our Hobo life will stop after 1 year and half without home. During this time, we stay in France around 6 months, in familly and friends houses. We travel from april 2012 to june 2012, with one month in Thaïland (Bangkok, Chang Mai in the north, Krabi in the south) and another month in Bali. We came back to France last summer and go back to Bali in september. We stayed there 7 months, and as we go often to Singapore, we have been there during almost 4 weeks. I sum up all this as I guess it is not easy to follow me ;)
I have loved travelling all this time, seeing all these things, meeting so inspiring people, it was one of the best time of my life. But also, it was confusing, and I am a little lost. Not having home is strange feeling, like not having roots. And having your life in suitcases is not easy ! People ask me why I went to Bali, and my answer was "because I can"... if you ask me why I came back to France, I would say "because I want" ! My aim would be now to have this nice place to stay and work and travelling as much as possible ! Let see what life will bring to me !
I want to thank all the people who support me during this trip, people who share these great moments. People complain about social media and how you lose time with them... but the main idea of these is "sharing" ! I was happy to share all this with you ! Next trip : being creative in a normal life ! But does a creative can have a normal life ?
Enough talk for tonight, here comes an amazing house found in the may issue of Elle decoration UK. Love the plants ! A friend take care of ours during our trip, will be happy to have them back, with the cats ;)
elle deco may via www.mr-cup.com
elle deco may via www.mr-cup.com
elle deco may via www.mr-cup.com