3 new ebooks : THREE vol. 3 + 4 / 100 identity

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Just before the holiday I gave myself the challenge to design the 2 volumes of the THREE ebooks which present what has been published on this blog from july to december 2013. And I go even further, doing a third eBook only about identity with 100 selected projects ! This eBook is only available by donation, to support this blog ! 

one hundred identity : name your price !

Last year, I propose you to make donation to support the blog and get the 113/577 ebook which present "the best of 2012" (now available here). I can not do that this year as what is present on the blog is now available in the THREE eBooks. So I guess identity was the best option ! I select not less than 100 projects, published here since 2011 !
ebooks-mrcup-03  ebooks-mrcup-04
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Why do I ask for support ?

When I started graphic-exchange in 2006, my goal was to "classify" my inspiration and share it with others. With 2 millions visists in 2013 (THANKS !), this blog became a big part of my life and change my way to do my work. I spend about 2-3 hours per day on average to find subjects look "Submissions" respond to emails...


On the other hand. I hear often "I use your site in my design school, our teacher was using it as reference" or "I work with many agencies in London and all look at your site". This blog generates contacts, and therefore buisness offers for those who are published. And I am really please with that, inspiring people and making things happening is so rewarding.


But I want to talk about a product, a shop, or anything just because I like it and I want to share it with you, not because it is part of a communications plan. That's the reason why there are no advertising on this blog. Of course, the blog helps me to sell products I design, as well as being found by clients, but I just want to dedicate as much time as possible to it.


I therefore propose to be the sponsors of this project, you, who are a part of it. Just like if you pay for you design magazine... Anything you can give is helpfull and show some respect. Thank you.



THREE volume 3 > july to september 2013


This third issue of the THREE eBook has 138 pages of inspiration ! Available here













THREE volume 4 > october to december 2013


This fourth issue of the THREE eBook has 146 pages of inspiration ! Available here















4 THREE pack > all 2013 > more than 500 pages


You can also have, for 17,9 € (you save a little less than 10€), the pack of the 4 volumes of THREE which present in more than 500 pages all what I publish on the blog in 2013 ! Oh, and you do NOIT need 4 ipads for that, it is just that it looks nice like this ;)


Thanks again for the support ! Tomorrow is a new day, the WINTER SALE starts !


What did I start this project, can someone remind me ? Oh yes, this : I follow my dreams !