As we are a very small company (me, my wife and a friend in france ;) I can not garantee Amazon delay for christmas time !!!  It took some time to produce the stickers, and post services are always slower during this time of the year, I can garantee delivery in time for christmas for stickers if ordered before the monday 10th.


Special 15% discount on wall stickers

Until december 12th you will have a special 15% discount on all the home and kids wall stickers. Just see the stickers in the shop, the prices shown now include this offer... To help you to choose here comes a selection of the latest ones and the best sell...


For your designer boy friend (or girlfriend, it works to)

goodcheapfast wallsticker mr-cup.com7rules wallsticker mr-cup.comboxing wallsticker mr-cup.com

For your mother room or kitchen

fragile wallsticker mr-cup.comrosace wallsticker mr-cup.com bamboo wallsticker mr-cup.com
sticker home sweet home mr-cup.comsticker welcomehome mr-cup.combeautifulday wallsticker mr-cup.com


For your niece or nephew

monpetitlapin wallsticker mr-cup.comprincess wallsticker mr-cup.comprince wallsticker mr-cup.com
The wall stickers are produce and send from France.

Important information about the WOOD products

The wood products (wood letters & coasters) are send from Bali, Indonesia, where I live... As I will be in Singapore from the 12th to the 20th, orders done during these dates will only be sent after the 21th (if we are still here ;).
Also, the letters recycled teck collection is a huge succes, thanks you all for making this happen. A lot of people ask if the colors match together when they order one word... Until now, yes, but as the stock of letters is going down very fast, the sooner you order, the easier it would be to have matching colors... Remember this is a limited edition of 500 letters, and I won't do this collection again.
Here comes some instagram pictures taken while preapring the orders.
Wood letters by mr-cup.com Wood letters by mr-cup.com
Wood letters by mr-cup.com Wood letters by mr-cup.com
Same for the wood coasters, I try as much as I can to have colors matching when you order the set of 4...
Wood coasters by mr-cup.com Wood coasters by mr-cup.com
Wood coasters by mr-cup.com Wood coasters by mr-cup.com
For any special request, like personal message, gift or other things, please contact me.