Helvetica Wood Letters & instagram

posted in Mr CUP News | Design | Interior   Tuesday, 20 November 2012 from Ubud, Bali / Indonesia listening Yann Tiersen
Today, I went to visit Mr Eka, the great wood craftman who did the Helvetica wood letters collections with me, to seen the samples of the 3td collection... It won't be on sell until a long time as I want to sell the first 2 collections before, but they look fantastic ! The idea is a raw wood collection, but covered with metal packaging elements... It is great and it is recycling !!!
helveticawood-mrcup-03 helveticawood-mrcup-04
helveticawood-mrcup-05 helveticawood-mrcup-06
helveticawood-mrcup-07 helveticawood-mrcup-08
For the 2 actual collection, Recycled Teck & Raw Suar wood I want to do a cover for the reseller catalog, and shoot all the letters with instagram to show how they are all different !
And as instagram is so easy, if you do order of a word, I can took a picture to be sure you like the colors ! Just send your request when you order them...