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posted in Mr CUP News   Monday, 13 November 2017 from Mr Cup Studio / France
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I am pleased to announce I restock a lot of cards in the Mr Cup Shop as they are the perfect gift for nice print and graphic design lovers! There are 3 new playing deck available, High Victorian designed by Joe White, Antler by Tom Lane & Sons of liberty by Jeff Trish...

High Victorian by Joe White

This new deck by Joe White follow the Contraband one. You know Joe and his amazing detailed design as we work together on the (sold out) 2015 edition of the calendar and he designed the front cover. Every single playing card within the High Victorian deck was designed from scratch - even the Aces, Jokers, and court cards exude the grand excess of ornamentation quintessential to the Victorian era. In a word: breathtaking.
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Antler letterpress edition by Ginger Monkey

Antler is a deck designed by Tom Lane, who also creates this year edition of the front cover of the letterpress calendar! This Tobacco Brown back design features two Twin Bucks enshrined within beautiful flourishes that mimic the lush forest of Yosemite National Park. The Ace of Spades features a noble Buck with herbaceous ornamentation crowning his dignified antlers, and each Joker offers the Antler name. The tuck case is letterpress printed on premium craft paper with foil accents and sculptural embossing.
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The Sons of Liberty by Jeff Trish

I contact Jeff Trish as I love his design of this deck, and I am pleased to say he participates in this year edition of the calendar too! Illustrated in a woodcut style with intricate details throughout, custom court cards, Ace of Spades, Jokers and subtle variations in all the spot cards make this deck completely unique all around. The cards feature narrow white borders, metallic inks, and come packaged in a luxurious tuck case with a perforated seal.
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As both Tom Lane and Jeff Trish participate in this year calendar I propose you 2 packs with the calendar (Deluxe or Normal) and their decks.
Get all the cards and more in the Mr Cup shop. Please consider if your order includes a calendar, all the package will be sent when ready, last week of November.