Rules to understand design & designers

posted in Mr CUP News   Thursday, 15 November 2012 from Ubud, Bali / Indonesia listening Fink - Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet (Live)
Rules to understand design and designers wall sticker - www.mr-cup.com
With all the news on the Mr Cup project, I guess you need some help to see everything. You know the 7 rules to understand design and designers, which was the source for 12 ones used on the 2011 letterpress calendar. On this first edition of the calendar, I compose the rules using only different version of the Bodoni font, a classic...
I think every rule can be independant from each other, and if only two werre available on the harmonie interieure shop, I put 9 in the new Mr Cup shop.
If you go on the detail page of the Designers rules wall sticker, you can choose between the 9 of the rules. As all the stickers, there are 2 sizes available & you can choose between the 20 colors...

Why no 2013 letterpress calendar ?

As the question comes often, here comes my answer. What I want is create things, for the fun of it... If I could make money with it, great... The 2011 calendar was a great challenge and I loved it... 2012 one was great even if it does not the same "1st time" feeling... This year is special for me, as I travel a lot and move to Bali.
So I want to do something new and focus on the Helvetica wood letter which is a project I want to do for years... So, there won't be a 2013 letterpress calendar... But if you look for a nice gift for your designer friend, husband, wife, daughter, you still can offer a wood letter and some letterpress coasters !
These 2 pictures featuring the october 2012 calendar page werre taken by the amazing Hannah Lemholt which blog worth some hours to lose yourself into it... She was recently in Ubud, where I live, but we miss each other...