The 113/577 e-book is available : NAME YOUR PRICE !

posted in Mr CUP News   Sunday, 06 January 2013 from Ubud, Bali / Indonesia listening Pink Martini
In 2012, I publish more than 3500 images in almost 200 posts. There has been 1 667 700 visits, with 476 162 unique users ! This ebook is a selection of 113 projects in 577 images, presented in 236 pages !!!
This is a preview of it :

Why do I ask for support ?

When I started graphic-exchange in 2006, my goal was to "classify" my inspiration and share it with others. With an average of 6000 visits per day in 2012, the number of visits increased to 9500 (with peaks at 11,000) with the new version launched in november 2012.


So I decided to incorporate sponsors with the new version. For this I selected potential advertisers, without their request, to show the kind of brands and projects I wanted. I have contacted them after and most responses were "wait and see the results". It is like offering someone a gift and have a « I will thank you only if I use it »... On the other hand I was contacted by professionals blog system advertiser, which offered me payment by clicks, but for advertisers that I do not really want to promote.


I spend about 2-3 hours per day on average to find subjects look "Submissions" respond to emails... On the other hand I hear often "I use your site in my design school, our teacher was using it as reference" or "I work with many agencies in London and all look at your site". This blog generates contacts, and therefore buisness offers for those who are published. And I am really please with that, inspiring people and making things happening is so rewarding. But I want to talk about a product, a shop, or anything just because I like it and I want to share it with you, not because it is part of a communications plan.


Of course, the blog helps me to sell products I design, as well as being found by clients, but I just want to dedicate as much time as possible to it. I also started in 2012 as visiting studios in France and Singapore, and I know you like that as much as I take pleasure in doing. I would like to do more in the future.


I therefore propose to be the sponsors of this project, you, who are a part of it. Just like if you pay for you design magazine... Anything you can give is helpfull. Thank you.