The creative manifesto : letterpress calendar pre-sale & new stickers

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2014 Letterpress Calendar - The creative manifesto - www.mr-cup.com
Here is the 2014 Letterpress calendar, entitled "The creative manifesto (For all those who dream of change or just want to enjoy life)." I'm not the author of all these inspirations sentences, but I wanted the group them to make a "manifesto" of my state of mind. Because creativity is my engine, and I want to share it.
Limited to 500 copies, the calendar it is composed of 13 cards printed on 700g color paper plane white frost. Each of the 20x14 cm card has its own color, referring to the season.
100 copies of the calendar are a "deluxe edition" and will come with painting edges, each one with a different color. This would be amazing !
This is a pre-sale, you can order the deluxe or normal edition, final calendar should be ready to be send early november. Every order done during the pre-sale stage will get a special extra item.
2014 Letterpress Calendar - The creative manifesto - www.mr-cup.com
This is El calotipo, met this summer Zaragaosa which handles printing. We started the test prints to see the relief and quality of a large printing surface. The 700g paper is just incredible. Here are some pictures to make your mouth water!
2014 Letterpress Calendar - The creative manifesto - www.mr-cup.com
I wanted also proposed the "Creative manifesto" as a wall sticker that can be read every day, on which we return in moments of doubt! I run at the same time three new stickers, you will recognize the sources : Let love rule, Help & The bright side of life.
Help - wall sticker - www.mr-cup.comHelp - wall sticker - www.mr-cup.com
Let love rule - wall sticker - www.mr-cup.comLet love rule - wall sticker - www.mr-cup.com
Brught side - wall sticker - www.mr-cup.commrcup-2013-10