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posted in Packaging   Wednesday, 19 July 2017 from Mr Cup studio / France listening Bleachers
arithmetic mrcup 01
We are working on new e-books, following suggestions of the recent survey (49% think the best way to support the blog is e-books...). It makes me dig into the blog archives and ask intern here at the studio to order things and get better resolution images... It also brings to me to sites I visit months or years ago and see updates and the new project! It is the case with Arithmetic for which I share projects in 2014! Love these new packaging! Enjoy
To follow the Mr. Cup rebranding with the 3 web sites for the studio, shop and blog, I also now separate Instagram in  3: @mrcupstudio for all the self-initiated and commissioned projects, @mrcupblog to share inspiration and the original @iammrcup which is more my daily life! 
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