Not the moon By Stellavie

posted in Print   Sunday, 15 April 2018 from Mr Cup Studio / France
stellavie mrcup 01
You may think it is another moon poster... this is what I think when I first so it ! But this is an other creative project by Stellavie, another regular of the blog !
It’s an invitation to creative play, a call to follow the absurd, a guide for getting lost in strange ways and for being foolish now and then, to be crazy again. A humorous thought that, for a split-second, makes it through – challenging and recalibrating our perceptual habits.
NOT THE MOON really is a pancake, digitized as a high-res, film quality scan, its texture applied to a true-to-scale sphere representation and virtually photographed with a 600 mm telescopic lens using minimal shutter and small aperture. Post-production (brightness & contrast, positive/negative) has been intentionally kept to an absolute minimum. Each variant is available as a limited edition of 100 silkscreen prints, signed, numbered and coded in reference to how minor planets are formally designated: e.g. 129 PNCK, while "1" indicates the variant/edition and "29" describes the amount of pancakes it took for that perfect one to make it all the way through and into the final edition.
Always look what’s up there; and make some pancakes.
Just awesome !
stellavie mrcup 02
stellavie mrcup 03
stellavie mrcup 04