Lawrence Boone Selections by Phoenix

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boone phoenix mrcup 01
boone phoenix mrcup 02
boone phoenix mrcup 03
boone phoenix mrcup 04
boone phoenix mrcup 05
boone phoenix mrcup 06
boone phoenix mrcup 07
boone phoenix mrcup 08
boone phoenix mrcup 09
boone phoenix mrcup 10
boone phoenix mrcup 11
boone phoenix mrcup 12


Fort Foundry' TERMINA TYPE SPECIMEN by Two Arms INC.

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twoarms termina 3
Love these vintage typographic ephemera created by Two Arms Inc: "We are huge type nerds and of course jumped at the chance to go crazy with this illustration. Termina by Fort Foundry is a typeface inspired by airport terminal type. We took it a step further and included all kinds of transportation." 
twoarms termina 1
twoarms termina 2
8 compressor
9 compressor


Arithmetic creative

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arithmetic mrcup 01
We are working on new e-books, following suggestions of the recent survey (49% think the best way to support the blog is e-books...). It makes me dig into the blog archives and ask intern here at the studio to order things and get better resolution images... It also brings to me to sites I visit months or years ago and see updates and the new project! It is the case with Arithmetic for which I share projects in 2014! Love these new packaging! Enjoy
To follow the Mr. Cup rebranding with the 3 web sites for the studio, shop and blog, I also now separate Instagram in  3: @mrcupstudio for all the self-initiated and commissioned projects, @mrcupblog to share inspiration and the original @iammrcup which is more my daily life! 
arithmetic mrcup 02
arithmetic mrcup 03
arithmetic mrcup 04
arithmetic mrcup 05
arithmetic mrcup 06
arithmetic mrcup 07
arithmetic mrcup 08
arithmetic mrcup 09


Mr Cup updates : giant wall sticker at the studio and shop sale

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sales mrcup 05
Some update from the Studio! Over the past weeks, we work on several projects for clients but found some time to adapt the creative manifesto to this giant wall in the studio! With the help of team and intern, we apply it last week and I am really happy with the result! Will try to take more picture of the studio soon, but need to find time to organize all the mess before that!  Some behind the scene photos.
sales mrcup 01
sales mrcup 02
sales mrcup 03
sales mrcup 04
sales mrcup 06
sales mrcup 07
At the same time, if you get the newsletter and follow me on facebook, twitter or Instagram, you may have seen I start a survey to know who is your experience of the blog over the years! I will share the results soon, but you still can answer it here. 
sales mrcup 08
As last time, the more you buy, the bigger is the discount, using coupons! 
10% OFF with SUMMER10 coupon, perfect for playings cards or vintage maps
20% OFF with SUMMER20 coupon if your order is above 50€ : time to get a set of letterpress posters or a vintage camera
30% OFF with SUMMER30 coupon if you order is above 100€, so if you want a wall sticker for your studio, it is time to get at a good price! 
Some new pictures of the letterpress posters, they are all hand signed and embossed...
sales mrcup 09
sales mrcup 10
sales mrcup 11
sales mrcup 12
sales mrcup 15
sales mrcup 16
sales mrcup 13
sales mrcup 14
sales mrcup 17
sales mrcup 18
sales mrcup 19
sales mrcup 20
sales mrcup 22