The Adobe Max Experience

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Earlier in November I was invited by Adobe France to live and cover the Adobe Max Event in San Diego, where the brand presents its new features and updates. I went there with 2 other french creatives, Geoffrey Dorne, a global creative activist and Olivier Huard, an amazing pixel artist ! We create a small blog for the event that we update live from there... This experience will deserve more that one post and I hope to found time to do that...
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Adobe presents all the updates on their tools, of course, and I know dedicated technical website and blog will present them better than I do. And if you like these kinds of new things, you are already aware of them. Adobe presents Sensei, which is hard to explain as it is not a new tool but more a global improvement of creativity. More in ink and paper, I see in the innovations Adobe presented this year all the possibilities that this offers to the creation print. I already imagine how Sensei will be able to evolve the collaborative process of creating a magazine, to work with others on the same project simultaneously in order to feed your creation on what the other team member does when he does it. Also, the most inspiring tools for me presented there are the improvements of Spark which is so useful to do quick videos or images with text on social media ! 
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Adobe also present talks by inspiring people. One of them was just... Quentin Tarantino ! Yes, the one and only. It was just WOW !
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I spend a lot of time in the community pavilion to met a lot of creatives I follow for a long time ! Such a please to see in real amazing prints and items ! I almost run to "The French paper company" (which has French only the name!), their stand is just pure happiness! They give away amazing posters, samples of packaging, coasters and other amazing papers good all designed by Charles S. Anderson design co. !
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Another exciting project present at Max is the "national poster retrospecticus". It is a traveling exhibition of 400 posters created by more than 125 designers. Their mission is to celebrate the art of the poster, handmade aesthetics and share their enthusiasm. It was also great to see Fields notes new products or DKNG posters.
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I was eager to meet Mama Sauce, passionate printer in letterpress and silkscreen. Their booth proposes to the experience of print, in the heart of Adobe's speech: "Experience is everything"! So I printed a poster in silkscreen, then cut out in postcards to finish them in letterpress... It was also the chance to hug Nick Sambrato, the man behind Mama Sauce.
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I have done so many things in 3 days ! What of the high moment was to interview Aaron Draplin and Tomaz Opasinski, for which I will dedicate article later on and probably in the next Walter magazine ! Because the best thing was to met all these creatives in real, such as Tad Carpenter and so much more ! 
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Thanks again to Adobe for the invitation and the big shot of inspiration ! 


Eight Hour Day

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Eight Hour day is a creative couple : Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk, two individuals with a passion for creativity — creativity makest them happy. And it makes me happy too ! Long story short, my trip in Bali and Asia some years ago was inspired by their trip around USA and Europe... They now set up their studio in Minneapolis ! Here come some identity projects...
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Some visual poetry for today with Marie-Laure Cruschi aka Crushiform illustrations discovered via Adobe France meet up ! Inspiring ! 
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