Adobe Max 2019

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adobemax mrcup 01
Here it comes again! Another amazing experience at Adobe Max. I was invited by Adobe France as part of their Insiders program. I shared a lot on Instagram and stories, and here a little selection of goodies and stuff I loved! I linked each image with makers instagrams so click and support!
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It was such a blast to met all these great people! Thanks you Aaron Draplin, Mike Jones, Peter Deltondo, Nick Sambrato, Rob Zilla, Dam Mumford, and Chris Do


Adobe Max 2018 - Day 2 - for the love of print!

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adobemax2018 mrcup 01

Hidden Treasures: the LOST BAUHAUS TYPEFACES

If you do not hear about this project, I invite you to read al the story here. While in Adobe Max last year, Erik Spiekermann presents a wood version of one of the Bauhaus typeface, with a workshop to print them! It was, of course, one of my favorite part of the Max 2018 market. You can find the fonts on Adobe font (which replaces Typekit by the way). Did you know that all the Adobe font are now included with your subscription? Pretty amazing. 
adobemax2018 mrcup 02
adobemax2018 mrcup 03
adobemax2018 mrcup 04
adobemax2018 mrcup 05
adobemax2018 mrcup 06
adobemax2018 mrcup 07
It was a pleasure to meet Erik in person, and the next step would be to visit the p98a workshop. Discover it in this article.

For the love of (French) paper! 

Like past years, French papers did an amazing job with some free goodies for all attendees! Gold hot foil posters and Draplin postcards! 
adobemax2018 mrcup 08
adobemax2018 mrcup 09
adobemax2018 mrcup 10
adobemax2018 mrcup 11
adobemax2018 mrcup 12

Nice to meet you Studio on fire... finally!

Studio on fire print my first business card 10 years ago! And this year, it was a great moment to meet Ben Lievitz and see the amazing samples and printing plates he brings with him! Yes, Studio on fire print all the amazing T11 decks available in the shop.
adobemax2018 mrcup 13
adobemax2018 mrcup 14
adobemax2018 mrcup 15
adobemax2018 mrcup 16
adobemax2018 mrcup 17
adobemax2018 mrcup 18
adobemax2018 mrcup 19
adobemax2018 mrcup 20
Thanks again to Adobe France for the invitation! Nothing like meeting creatives in real life! Me (or the calendar) with Erik Spiekermann, Ben Lievitz and Yes Chris Do was there too! 
adobemax2018 mrcup 21


Adobe Max 2018 - Day 1

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adobemax2018 mrcup 02x
This year again I have the chance to be one of Adobe France Insider at the annual Adobe Max Event ! This year it was in Los Angeles!

The International Printing Museum

I will share my experience day by day. Adobe invites us a day before the event starts. On Sunday morning, the Los Angeles printing museum organize its annual printer fair! As my friend Mark E Sacket, from The Box SF was there to sell his Ephemera collection, I jump in an Uber and was there right in time to enjoy the smell of the ink and see amazing things.
adobemax2018 mrcup 03x
adobemax2018 mrcup 04
adobemax2018 mrcup 05
adobemax2018 mrcup 06
adobemax2018 mrcup 07

The Los Angeles Art District

Some hours later, I was in the middle of the LA Art District with more than 90 other « influencers » for a visit! You imagine the contrast with my morning surrounded by wood type and printers!
adobemax2018 mrcup 10x
adobemax2018 mrcup 11x
adobemax2018 mrcup 12
See more on my Instagram. Thanks again to the Adobe France team for making this happen! More soon!


The French type tour !

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mrcup frenchtypetour 01
It is always a beautiful experience to visit a country or city with someone who lives it every day and who can share his version of the place. This is also the case in the other direction, to be the host and see this place where you have your habits and your routine suddenly become a magical place!
I met Mark E Sacket via Instagram, and through The Type Hunter, Keith Tatum who participated in the calendar this year. Mark shares on his account the hundreds (thousands) of photos from his ephemera collection: papers, advertising cards, packaging ... everything around type! Based in San Fransisco, he has just opened "The Box SF" to show (and sell) all these objects and this is just the beginning of a great project dedicated to the memory of our graphic culture. The following will be events, conferences, workshops ...
mrcup frenchtypetour 02
mrcup frenchtypetour 03
mrcup frenchtypetour 04
mrcup frenchtypetour 05
mrcup frenchtypetour 06
mrcup frenchtypetour 07
mrcup frenchtypetour 08
When Mark decided to come to Paris, it was for Bibliomania, a bi-annual ephemera market! The opportunity for me to go "to the big city" and spend 10 hours rummaging through boxes and boxes of travel labels, postcards or old books! We then took the opportunity to visit some timeless stores, the impression of being in the famous "Diagon Alley"!
mrcup frenchtypetour 09
mrcup frenchtypetour 10
mrcup frenchtypetour 11
mrcup frenchtypetour 12
mrcup frenchtypetour 13
mrcup frenchtypetour 14
mrcup frenchtypetour 15
mrcup frenchtypetour 16
mrcup frenchtypetour 17
mrcup frenchtypetour 18
mrcup frenchtypetour 19
mrcup frenchtypetour 20
mrcup frenchtypetour 21
mrcup frenchtypetour 22
A few days after our Parisian escapade, Mark comes to the south, to Arles where I installed Mr Cup Studio 2 years ago now. After digging into my collection, we took the road to Bordeaux, stopping us in Montpellier or Carcassone! We ended our trip in the company of Philippe, one of the authors of the works of Auguste Derrière, to drink wine while admiring his collection of old books of illustrations or the catalog of the world exhibition of 1889 by the fire and surrounded by happy cats!
mrcup frenchtypetour 24
mrcup frenchtypetour 25
mrcup frenchtypetour 26
mrcup frenchtypetour 27
mrcup frenchtypetour 28
mrcup frenchtypetour 29
mrcup frenchtypetour 30
mrcup frenchtypetour 31
mrcup frenchtypetour 32
mrcup frenchtypetour 33
I think to develop this idea of "French type tour" because it is always a beautiful moment of sharing in the "real life"! Who would be in? Contact me!