Printers ale manufacturing co by Codo design

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cododesign mrcup 01
Do I need to said something ? 
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Method and Madness

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methodandmadness mrcup 01
Identity tools design by Roger Maynor, I guess the man behind Method and madness design and letterpress printing studio. If I do my job well, Method and Madness is the new name of Public Letterpress and Flourish Letterpress I posted about back in 2013! 
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Big Fernand by Violaine & Jeremy

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bigfernand mrcup 01
Another inspiring project by Paris duo Violaine & Jeremy!
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pentagram thenational mrcup 01
The Kickstarter now ends it was crazy among the last 2 days to reach the target! I will come back with a dedicated post about it soon. During all the campaign I push back new post and so on I feel so late on posting new inspiring things ! 
Will restart from today with this album/band design by Pentagram, for the new album The National. In a world where our relation to music and album is upside down, promoting a new album must be done in a creative way! Here comes what happens when you bring a famous indie band with its so graphic involved record company 4AD to an even more famous design agency, Pentagram! The result is a cover design and promotional materials riffs on corporate branding. So many details, so much inspiring! And the album is very good too! So buy, the vinyl and listen to it streaming on your new iPhone! 
pentagram thenational mrcup 02
pentagram thenational mrcup 03
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