Studio MPLS - 2

posted in Excellence  at 9.28 AM from Bolquères / France
mrcup studiompls 01
Exactly one year ago I was in San Fransisco and I publish an update of Studio MPLS projects as I was enjoying so maple syrup for which they design the packaging! I wanted to publish this RISHI project for a long time but when I check their web site that just has fully updated it with a lot of new and inspiring projects. So here comes my selection, which goes directly in the excellence section following last year's post
mrcup studiompls 02
mrcup studiompls 03
mrcup studiompls 04
mrcup studiompls 05
mrcup studiompls 06
mrcup studiompls 07
mrcup studiompls 08
mrcup studiompls 09
mrcup studiompls 10
mrcup studiompls 11
mrcup studiompls 12
mrcup studiompls 13
mrcup studiompls 14
mrcup studiompls 15
mrcup studiompls 16
mrcup studiompls 17
mrcup studiompls 18
mrcup studiompls 19
mrcup studiompls 20
mrcup studiompls 21
mrcup studiompls 22
mrcup studiompls 23


Funnel : Eric Kass

posted in Excellence  at 10.56 PM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
mrcup funnel 01
I follow Eric for so much time that I do not want to say, would feel too old. Still so inspiring! He just launches some goodies that he sends me, check my Instagram and get some in his shop. Here are the latest and older projects.
mrcup funnel 02
mrcup funnel 03
mrcup funnel 04
mrcup funnel 05
mrcup funnel 06
mrcup funnel 07
mrcup funnel 08
mrcup funnel 09
mrcup funnel 10
mrcup funnel 11
mrcup funnel 12
mrcup funnel 13
mrcup funnel 14
mrcup funnel 15
mrcup funnel 16
mrcup funnel 17
mrcup funnel 18
mrcup funnel 19


Stranger and Stranger

posted in Excellence | Packaging  at 1.02 PM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
stranger mrcup 00
If I win the lottery, I do not want a big car, I want all the bottles designed by Stranger and Stranger!
stranger mrcup 01
stranger mrcup 02
stranger mrcup 03
stranger mrcup 04
stranger mrcup 05
stranger mrcup 06
stranger mrcup 07
stranger mrcup 08
stranger mrcup 09
stranger mrcup 10
stranger mrcup 11
stranger mrcup 12
stranger mrcup 13
stranger mrcup 14
stranger mrcup 15
stranger mrcup 16
stranger mrcup 17
stranger mrcup 18
stranger mrcup 19
stranger mrcup 20
stranger mrcup 21
stranger mrcup 22
stranger mrcup 23


Studio MPLS

posted in Excellence  at 6.10 PM from San Francisco / United States listening Ray Lamontagne
crownmapple mrcup 01
As a graphic designer, I think traveling is even more and experience as even a visit to a grocery could be a good time! I love checking to package while I am in the USA and it was great to get a little bottle of Crown Maple syrup. I already publish it here, but I wanted to do a dedicated post to this branding by Studio MPLS while I am in San Francisco. I also added the other project I publish over time to feature them in the excellence section.
crownmapple mrcup 02
crownmapple mrcup 03
crownmapple mrcup 04
crownmapple mrcup 05
crownmapple mrcup 06
crownmapple mrcup 07
crownmapple mrcup 08
crownmapple mrcup 09
crownmapple mrcup 10
crownmapple mrcup 11
crownmapple mrcup 12
tenthmuse studiompls mrcup 01
tenthmuse studiompls mrcup 02
tenthmuse studiompls mrcup 03
tenthmuse studiompls mrcup 04
tenthmuse studiompls mrcup 05
tenthmuse studiompls mrcup 06
tenthmuse studiompls mrcup 07
studiompls3 mrcup 05
studiompls3 mrcup 06
studiompls3 mrcup 07
studiompls3 mrcup 08
studiompls3 mrcup 09
studiompls3 mrcup 10
studiompls3 mrcup 11
studiompls3 mrcup 12
studiompls3 mrcup 13
studiompls3 mrcup 14
studiompls3 mrcup 15
studiompls3 mrcup 16
studiompls3 mrcup 17
studiompls3 mrcup 18
studiompls3 mrcup 19
studiompls3 mrcup 20