Hello 2014 / bye bye 2013 / 10 albums of 2013

posted in Life & travels   Friday, 03 January 2014 from Home ! Maruéjols Les Gardons (near Alès / Nîmes / Uzès) / France listening Muse Live in Rome
Here it comes, the first post of 2014 ! I love all the promises of a new year ! I spent the first day of the year with my wife and daughter on a beach, with some wood letters to play with ! Here comes the result !
newyear-mrcup-02  newyear-mrcup-03
I wanted to see the sea for several months, and even if it is only an hour's drive from our house, I had not found the time. It is a perfect landscape to begin a year : immense extent, no limits, bad weather from one side but the sun on the other !
I want to thank you, you who come from time to time or can not start your day without a ride on this site, you who follow me for 8 years or who had discovered this site in 2013 !
Obviously, I have dozens of projects in mind and most important coming in a few days: 3 ebooks ! I was left on 2 and then finally in the running, I made a third ! Shop sales also arrive on January 08 ( "official" day of winter sales in France ) . Then ... new posters , and many other things ! And and as always, my selection of projects to let your 2014 being inspired and creative !
2013 was just amazing, with 4 months in Bali before moving back to France. I posted on instagram 13 best moments of 2013 ... Here are the pictures, find the comments on my instagram !
bestof2013-mrcup-01  bestof2013-mrcup-02
bestof2013-mrcup-03  bestof2013-mrcup-04
bestof2013-mrcup-05  bestof2013-mrcup-06
bestof2013-mrcup-07  bestof2013-mrcup-08
bestof2013-mrcup-09  bestof2013-mrcup-10
bestof2013-mrcup-11  bestof2013-mrcup-12
Also, here comes the 10 albums I have loved and discover in 2013 ! No particular order, just good music !