Mr Cup in Singapore (again and again)...

posted in Life & travels   Monday, 18 February 2013 from Foreign policy design office / Singapore listening Nice Singapore radio
So I am back in Singapore, to met designers but also, this time, to found a way to work with them... I will do more detailed posts, but here comes some instagram pictures to let you share what I saw in the past 3 days...
mrcup-singaporefeb-01 mrcup-singaporefeb-02
mrcup-singaporefeb-03 mrcup-singaporefeb-05
mrcup-singaporefeb-04 mrcup-singaporefeb-06
mrcup-singaporefeb-07 mrcup-singaporefeb-08
mrcup-singaporefeb-09 mrcup-singaporefeb-10
mrcup-singaporefeb-11 mrcup-singaporefeb-12
mrcup-singaporefeb-13 mrcup-singaporefeb-14
mrcup-singaporefeb-15 mrcup-singaporefeb-16

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