Mr Cup Road Trip

posted in Life & travels   Monday, 26 August 2013 from Home ! Maruéjols Les Gardons (near Alès / Nîmes / Uzès) / France listening Nahko Bear (Medecine for the people)
I am Back home after a long road trip of around 2000 km ! Here comes a short post in images... We start the trip by Spain, visiting Figueres, Taragona and Zaragoza.
augustroadtrip-mrcup-01 augustroadtrip-mrcup-02
augustroadtrip-mrcup-03 augustroadtrip-mrcup-04
augustroadtrip-mrcup-05 augustroadtrip-mrcup-06
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In Zaragoza, after visiting the Pablo Serrano Museum, I plan to visit El Calotipo letterpress studio who will print the 2014 letterpress calendar and we discover the amazing wall painting around the city...
augustroadtrip-mrcup-09 augustroadtrip-mrcup-10
augustroadtrip-mrcup-11 augustroadtrip-mrcup-12
augustroadtrip-mrcup-13 augustroadtrip-mrcup-14
augustroadtrip-mrcup-15 augustroadtrip-mrcup-16
Then we leave Spain and go back to France, direction Bordeaux with a stop in Biarritz and Baryonne.
augustroadtrip-mrcup-17 augustroadtrip-mrcup-18
In Bordeaux we met Phillipe and Vincent from Studio Poa Plume and we do some shoot around the city and discover Phillipe amazing collection of wood type. We share a great dinner with Miss Clara to end up this great day.
augustroadtrip-mrcup-19 augustroadtrip-mrcup-20
augustroadtrip-mrcup-21 augustroadtrip-mrcup-22
augustroadtrip-mrcup-23 augustroadtrip-mrcup-24
augustroadtrip-mrcup-25 augustroadtrip-mrcup-26
Back on the road, we drove to Castre to met JC from Studio Pression, a new letterpress studio I just discover.
augustroadtrip-mrcup-27 augustroadtrip-mrcup-28
augustroadtrip-mrcup-29 augustroadtrip-mrcup-30
As Piers Faccini ask me if I can do art prints for the cover of his new album, we worked together on the printing of these. It was goo to smell ink and paper !
augustroadtrip-mrcup-31 augustroadtrip-mrcup-32
augustroadtrip-mrcup-33 augustroadtrip-mrcup-34
augustroadtrip-mrcup-35 augustroadtrip-mrcup-36
I am now back home and will do detail post about all these great moments all along the coming weeks ! Enjoy life (I do) !