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One of my favorite moment of the year: visiting Studio Pression to see the printing of the letterpress calendar. Always great to see a project coming to life like this! More on my instagram
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Studio on fire

posted in Print  at 8.30 AM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
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I came to letterpress printing thanks to Studio on fire and wanted to share these self-promotion items I love. Had the chance to meet Ben Lievitz at Adobe Max last year and I would be back in LA next month the Adobe France.
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Trueque by Monotype Studio

posted in Print  at 10.57 PM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
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Bureau Berger

posted in Print  at 10.06 PM from Miramas (near ARLES) / France
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I share about Benoit Berger when I discover his Instagram, and I am pleased to see more of his work in his updated portfolio.
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