Hudson playing cards and shop update

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Earlier this year I share the work of Dan Gretta, and he designed this amazing deck! It is such a beauty. I need to have it in the shop and I also bring back in stock some other decks. You can also pre-order the EPHEMERID cards, and I will soon post an update about the production.
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Get your deck now in the www.mrcup-shop.com !


Chamber Magic by Charles & Thorn

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Great identity created by Charles and Thorn duo for Magician Steve Cohen, with cards printed by Mama Sauce and stationery by Gottschall Engraving.
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Romero by Cocoa

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"Medallas y Monedas Romero is a company that has been in the awards, trophies, and commemorative medal industry for 40 years. In honor of their 40 years in business, MM Romero created a large event where they invited employees, friends, members of the press, and collaborators, to commemorate this company milestone and to present a book that tells the company’s history from its humble beginnings. We decided on a classic, clean, eye-catching, and, above all else, exclusive design. This was done to create a memorable piece not only for the founder but also for those that received one of the limited edition titles."
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Look & See by Anthony Burrill

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