Letterpress calendar update and new ebook

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Letterpress calendar update

The Kickstarter campaign for the letterpress calendar is now half his way and we are so close to the 200%. The start was fabulous, and I expect it to slow down a little in the middle. Anyway, one of the things I prefer on this project is the collaboration with other creatives I admire! It is already a great feeling when they accept to work on the project, but even more when I get the design! I try to select the sentences according to what I know and feel about each designer work. Here comes the latest design I received.
Make progress or make excuses by Jeff Trish
I prefert the tumult of liberty to the quiet of Servitude by Nick Misani
One's destination is never a place but a way of seeing things by Salih Kucukaga
Trust the unexpected by Keith Tatum
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Get your copy on Kickstarter or in the Mr Cup shop.


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The packaging ebook is now ready! You can get in in the Mr Cup shop with a selection of 50 inspiring projects! 
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Adobe Max . The community pavillon

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The past week has been crazy, with a 24 hours trip to Vegas, 3 days and a half there and 24 hours travel back! In such a short time, discovering the crazy city, and then even more crazy Adobe Max event: 12000 creatives in a giant place sharing about inspiration and technology! I will try to do more article, but you also can see the ones we do (in French) on this small dedicated page with Adobe France guests.  
The part I really like when I discover Adobe Max last year was the "community Pavillon":  the place where brands and small business can present their products and ideas: bookstore, type foundry, tee-shirts, posters, everything at the same place! I shared a lot on Instagram and Facebook all along the way but here come pictures I shoot in the place! Enjoy.

French papers

French papers team spend the 3 days of Adobe Max to roll their fresh printed posters and give them to all the happy attendees that came by their booth! And if it was only that! This year they also gave some nice book from CSA design (who design the posters and all the amazing communication of the brand) as well as a set of letterpress coasters... The thing is to come over and over to their booth, as they can bring new stuff from the boxes: stickers, badges... The only thing you can not get is the printing plates of the posters and they are beauties! 
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The Adobe bookstore

 The problem of going to Max, is that you can not bring everything in your luggage! So great books to get: Jessica Hische, Aaron Draplin, Kelli Anderson...
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adobemax mrcup 12
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 I love type and I can not lie...

Another interesting corner is the type village, where Type kit invits type foundries to present they fonts : nice to meet you Positype, Type network, Type together, Dalton Maag and more...
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National Poster Retrospecticus & 59 parks

How great it is to see all the amazing posters in real! Amazing colors, amazing design, did I already say amazing? The National Poster Retrospecticus is an internationally traveling poster show. The NPR features more than 400 hand-printed posters made by over 150 of the most prominent poster designers around the world. The team also create 59parks, a celebration of America National Parks.
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Support the makers

And on Friday, the last day of Adobe Max, creatives can show their brands and products ! the perfect moment to meet the creatives and have their books signed!  To name a few, Tad Carpenter (who did such and inspiring talk), Hellcats inc., Beeteeth,  Inch x Inch, Vichcarft, and the amazing posters of Delicious design league.
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I edit the images with the so easy to use new version of Lightroom CC, love it ! Thanks again for the Adobe France team to all this amazing event !  More articles here.


The 2018 letterpress calendar is now on kickstarter !

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Here it comes! The 2018 letterpress calendar is now available on Kickstarter. It is already the 7th edition of this project I started 7 years ago, and it is always so exciting to see it coming to life! 
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2018calendar mrcup 05
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As every year, there will be 2 editions: the deluxe edition will be on dark blue paper, with copper foil and white foil. For the normal edition, if the paper is the same, it will ink printed and not hot foil as the deluxe edition. We will print in 2 colors with silver and white inks.
2018calendar mrcup 03
This year cover is designed by Tom Lane known as Ginger Monkey. For every edition, I ask graphic designer and typographer to create unique font work. This year edition will feature unique designs by Salih Kucukaga, Nick Misani, Reno Orange, Keith Tatum / The Type Hunter, Jeff Trish, Stefan Kunz, Lauren Hom, Jef Millotte, Kelli Anderson, Francis Chouquet and Me!
They are currently working on the design and they will be shown as soon as possible during the campaign! Here come the first designs by Stefan Kunz, Lauren Hom and Francis Chouquet.
2018calendar mrcup homsweethom 07
2018calendar mrcup stefankunz 08
2018calendar mrcup fran6 06
For this year edition, we will use 2 ranges of eco-friendly papers developed by Favini. The REMAKE collection is high-end uncoated paper with a pulpy look. The special touch and the natural look of the paper are due to the up-cycling process which includes leather residues to substitute FSC cellulose and is produced with 100% green energy. The CRUSH collection is a range of papers made using process residues from organic products the replace to 15% of the virgin pulp. By-products from Kiwi, coffee, hazelnut or almonds. FSC certified, GMO free, this paper contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is also produced with 100% green energy. And as for the past 3 editions, and the posters, it will be a collaboration with Studio Pression!
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