2017 selection / new ebook

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Mr Cup ebook N5 promo
Hope you all are enjoying the end of the year and are ready for a brand new one ! 2017 was an other creative year and I plan to share about personal things on an other post ! For now let's focus on inspiration ! You can get a new ebook with 50 projects shared here this year at the www.mrcup-shop.com for 1€ only ! Here comes a selection of the most inspiring images published here in the past 12 months ! Enjoy ! (for the links, please browse the blog or check the ebook !)
mrcup 2017selection 01
mrcup 2017selection 02
mrcup 2017selection 03
mrcup 2017selection 04
mrcup 2017selection 05
mrcup 2017selection 06
mrcup 2017selection 07
mrcup 2017selection 08
mrcup 2017selection 09
mrcup 2017selection 10
mrcup 2017selection 11
mrcup 2017selection 12
mrcup 2017selection 13
mrcup 2017selection 14
mrcup 2017selection 15
mrcup 2017selection 16
mrcup 2017selection 17
mrcup 2017selection 18
mrcup 2017selection 19
mrcup 2017selection 20
mrcup 2017selection 21
mrcup 2017selection 22
mrcup 2017selection 23
mrcup 2017selection 24
mrcup 2017selection 25
mrcup 2017selection 26
mrcup 2017selection 27
mrcup 2017selection 28
mrcup 2017selection 29
mrcup 2017selection 30
mrcup 2017selection 31
mrcup 2017selection 32
mrcup 2017selection 33
mrcup 2017selection 34
mrcup 2017selection 35
mrcup 2017selection 36
mrcup 2017selection 37
mrcup 2017selection 38
mrcup 2017selection 39
mrcup 2017selection 40
mrcup 2017selection 41
mrcup 2017selection 42
mrcup 2017selection 43
mrcup 2017selection 44
mrcup 2017selection 45
mrcup 2017selection 46
mrcup 2017selection 47
mrcup 2017selection 48
mrcup 2017selection 49
mrcup 2017selection 50


Blade Runner 2049 by Territory studio

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territry bladerunner mrcup 01
We have a common project with Territory studio for some months (years ?) and hope to bring it to life soon! If you see any recent movie over the past months, you have seen their work!! They work in wide range of disciplines, but what fascinate me is their work for screen graphics : they craft original and stunning realized screen content and UI design for on-set to support film narrative and performance. It was again the case for the amazing Blade Runner 2049, with a perfect translation, in screen graphic, of the mood of the movie. 
As they said : Tapped to create screen graphics for the sequel to Ridley Scott’s iconic film, Territory joined the art department in the very early stages of production. With an open brief to reconsider technology interfaces and interaction systems, we worked closely with Director Denis Villeneuve and Supervising Art Director Paul Inglis to support storybeats, performance and context. Adopting an experimental approach, the team set out to create highly original screens. Working across 15 sets, we delivered over 100 assets for on set playback, also driving the design direction for those concepts delivered to post.
territry bladerunner mrcup 02
territry bladerunner mrcup 03
territry bladerunner mrcup 04
territry bladerunner mrcup 05
territry bladerunner mrcup 06
territry bladerunner mrcup 07
territry bladerunner mrcup 08
territry bladerunner mrcup 09
territry bladerunner mrcup 10
territry bladerunner mrcup 11


Ginger Monkey

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The letterpress calendar Kickstarter is now over and it is a huge success ! The production will starts soon, as you can see on this picture send by Studio Pression, the paper is here! I Will keep you update on the production of course! The calendar is now available at the Mr-Cup ShopOrder it now to get it in time for christmas!
Today I want to present you the work of Tom Lane, also known as Ginger Monkey, who create this year edition cover! Here comes a selection of his work mixing hand lettering, illustration, nice type, and great print!
2018calendar mrcup 02 
gingermonkey mrcup 01
gingermonkey mrcup 02
gingermonkey mrcup 03
gingermonkey mrcup 04
gingermonkey mrcup 05
gingermonkey mrcup 06
gingermonkey mrcup 07
gingermonkey mrcup 08
gingermonkey mrcup 09
gingermonkey mrcup 11
gingermonkey mrcup 10
gingermonkey mrcup 12
gingermonkey mrcup 13
gingermonkey mrcup 14
gingermonkey mrcup 15
gingermonkey mrcup 16
gingermonkey mrcup 17
gingermonkey mrcup 18
gingermonkey mrcup 19
gingermonkey mrcup 20
gingermonkey mrcup 21
gingermonkey mrcup 22
gingermonkey mrcup 23
gingermonkey mrcup 24
gingermonkey mrcup 25
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Stefan Kunz lettering

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stefankunz mrcup 00a
I had the chance to met Stefan Kunz at the Off festival last spring, and we knew we need to do something together! His lettering art is amazing, and I love how he does it on... everything! His participation to the letterpress calendar is the first of our collaboration
The letterpress calendar is already a huge success on Kickstarter, and there are some days (hours) left to get it there. Also, the artists' proofs, printing plates and packs won't be available on the Mr Cup shop! Thanks for all of you who follow it for years support the makers.
stefankunz mrcup 00b
stefankunz mrcup 01
stefankunz mrcup 02
stefankunz mrcup 03
stefankunz mrcup 04
stefankunz mrcup 05
stefankunz mrcup 06
stefankunz mrcup 07
stefankunz mrcup 08
stefankunz mrcup 09
stefankunz mrcup 10
stefankunz mrcup 11
stefankunz mrcup 12
stefankunz mrcup 13
stefankunz mrcup 14
stefankunz mrcup 15