Joker fan art

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86 urban poster mockup
There are things your planned and things that happen! I see the Joker movie trailer and it makes me want to drop everything and design this...
joker poster mockup
151 urban poster mockup
joker by Mr Cup
12 urban poster mockup
joker vinyl preview
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Projects selection N°15 : FONTS

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fontsselection mrcup 01
This is something I wanted to do for a long time, even something I get requested to do! Here it comes : a selection of fonts I like! And, young and old designers, remember it is important to support font makers by buying licenses! 


Design by the one and only Kevin Cantrell and available here.

fontsselection mrcup 02

Tobias Saul

You know Tobias fonts as I use them on the 2019 letterpress calendar front cover and for the dates. They are all available on his web site. 
fontsselection mrcup 03
fontsselection mrcup 04
fontsselection mrcup 08
fontsselection mrcup 09

Christian Watson 1924.us

If you know Christian for his amazing photos and design, maybe you do not know the great handmade fonts he sells on his web site now.
fontsselection mrcup 06
fontsselection mrcup 05
fontsselection mrcup 07

Carmel Type Co. by Jason Carne

I recently shared about Jason work, but he also has designed many fonts he sells at Carmel Type.co
fontsselection mrcup 10
fontsselection mrcup 11
fontsselection mrcup 12


David A Smith - Traditional Ornamental Glass Artist

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Dave Smith is a name that has become synonymous in sign-writing circles with high quality, hand crafted reverse glass signs and decorative mirrors. Following him on Instagram is really impressive and inspiring, as he shares all his creative process, from drawing the lettering to all the making of the glass signs. He is, for example, working on one for Ludlow Blunt NY salon for months! Little by little, we can see this art piece coming to life. 
davidsmith mrcup 04
davidsmith mrcup 05
davidsmith mrcup 08
davidsmith mrcup 09
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davidsmith mrcup 12
davidsmith mrcup 14
davidsmith mrcup 16
davidsmith mrcup 18
davidsmith mrcup 19
davidsmith mrcup 21
davidsmith mrcup 22
davidsmith mrcup 23
davidsmith mrcup 24
davidsmith mrcup 25


Jake Weidmann - Master Penman

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Jake Weidmann is only one of eleven certified Master Penman in the world today ! A penman is a vintage title that was given to someone whose career and professional skill sets were in the area of penmanship of various types. Art colleges were set up around the country to train men and women in the many disciplines of penmanship and hand-drawn letterforms. Before the typewriter, this was a booming career path, as nearly every major business needed a competent and proficient penman on hand to manage log books, keep records, write policies, and execute certificates. Many penman would become itinerate teachers of handwriting in grade schools around the country, teaching the fine art of writing to children eager to express themselves in written form. During the golden age of penmanship (roughly 1860 to 1930) there were several of these masters living and working around the nation. Today, there are only eleven who bear this title. Jake is the 11th master to be officially certified.
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