Martin Schmetzer

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MartinSchmetzer mrcup 01
As he presents himself Martin Schmetzer designer specializing in hand-drawn typography with a high level of detail and diligence! Yes, detail and diligence!!!
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Jason Carne

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Jason is a very inspiring lettering artist and graphic designer from Kentucky and he just updates his web site. He is passionate about vintage type and lettering and in addition to his freelance designer career, Jason owns and operates a display type foundry called Carmel Type Co. where he works with some of the finest sign artists in the world to sell unique, decorative typefaces in addition to also running a carefully curated designer resource website called Lettering Library that digitizes antiquarian publications on lettering and sign-painting for the modern day artist. Selection of his projects.
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Deadlines Board by Traina Design

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Deadlines 1
Love this project by Traina and I am the happy owner of one !  "This past fall, the Traina team was haunted by the spirits of the looming Halloween season, summoning us to create a custom designed Ouija board. But, this was not your grandmother’s Ouija board. This was to be used as a self-promotional tool, themed and designed to guide marketers through their trickiest projects – never missing a deadline. And “abracadabra” – the Deadlines inspiration board was born."
Deadlines 2
Deadlines 3
Deadlines 4
Deadlines 5
Deadlines 6
Deadlines 7


Ginger Monkey

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The letterpress calendar Kickstarter is now over and it is a huge success ! The production will starts soon, as you can see on this picture send by Studio Pression, the paper is here! I Will keep you update on the production of course! The calendar is now available at the Mr-Cup ShopOrder it now to get it in time for christmas!
Today I want to present you the work of Tom Lane, also known as Ginger Monkey, who create this year edition cover! Here comes a selection of his work mixing hand lettering, illustration, nice type, and great print!
2018calendar mrcup 02 
gingermonkey mrcup 01
gingermonkey mrcup 02
gingermonkey mrcup 03
gingermonkey mrcup 04
gingermonkey mrcup 05
gingermonkey mrcup 06
gingermonkey mrcup 07
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gingermonkey mrcup 09
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gingermonkey mrcup 19
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gingermonkey mrcup 22
gingermonkey mrcup 23
gingermonkey mrcup 24
gingermonkey mrcup 25
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