Stefan Kunz lettering

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I had the chance to met Stefan Kunz at the Off festival last spring, and we knew we need to do something together! His lettering art is amazing, and I love how he does it on... everything! His participation to the letterpress calendar is the first of our collaboration
The letterpress calendar is already a huge success on Kickstarter, and there are some days (hours) left to get it there. Also, the artists' proofs, printing plates and packs won't be available on the Mr Cup shop! Thanks for all of you who follow it for years support the makers.
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Fort Foundry' TERMINA TYPE SPECIMEN by Two Arms INC.

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twoarms termina 3
Love these vintage typographic ephemera created by Two Arms Inc: "We are huge type nerds and of course jumped at the chance to go crazy with this illustration. Termina by Fort Foundry is a typeface inspired by airport terminal type. We took it a step further and included all kinds of transportation." 
twoarms termina 1
twoarms termina 2
8 compressor
9 compressor


Inside the Studio of a Traditional Sign Painter via abduzeedo

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tj mrcup 01
Beautiful things never get old! There is so much information today with social media that we have more chance to miss something that to see it ! Some days ago I discovered these amazing pictures from sign painter Antonio "Tj" Guzzardi workshop following an "archive" post from abduzeedo from 2014 ! Still so inspiring ! The photos are by Tatanja Ross, but the link to her work is broken... Anyway, welcome to TJ world ! 
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Limited edition letterpress posters

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Following the success of the letterpress calendar, I wanted to create a set of limited edition posters. As for the calendar, the concept is to create a typographic illustration based on an inspirational sentence about design or creativity.
This was made possible only as I collaborate with Jean-Christophe, the man behind Studio Pression. Since we met in 2013, a strong creative relation has begun: his passion and knowledge or the letterpress printing process push me above my creative skills. When I create to visual for this posters, I was not sure how much details could be printed and how it will look like at the end. The result is above my expectation and printed on 350 g cotton paper, the relief is impressive and the feeling of looking at your creation printed in letterpress is unique! The sound of this beast is amazing...
We set up 2 editions: black printing on 350 g white paper, and silver printing on 350 g black paper. Each design is limited to 100 prints, all hand signed. They are now available at www.mrcup-shop.com
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We set up 2 editions: black printing on 350 g white paper, and silver printing on 350 g black paper. Each design is limited to 100 prints, all hand signed. They are now available at www.mrcup-shop.com