Refinery 43

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October 23rd update: Kelsy updates her web site with her new collective project and shop with this great first product based on her design the 2019 calendar! Love it! 
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Here is the original post! 
refinery43 mrcup 01
Here is a selection of Kelsy Stromsky projects! She is part of the 2020 calendar, and was already in last year's edition! So please to have her in!
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Here is Kelsy last year page...
mrcup 2019letterpresscalendar 12
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02 refiniry 43 foil
02 refiniry 43

This project by Tad Carpenter team is just a dream project : to create the band identity system for a 10,000 sq. ft. Building dedicated to beer ! They design everything for the BEER HALL restaurant :patterns, customized typography, a playful iconography system, murals, packaging, menus and order number blocks, hand-painted and dimensional signage.
But that’s not all ! Boulevard Brewing Co. expanded their visitors experience, they wanted to tell their story though engaging, interactive, analog experiences !
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 01
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 02
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 03
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 04
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 05
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 06
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 07
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 08
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 09
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 10
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 11
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 12
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 13
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 14
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 15
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 16
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 17
tadcarpenter beer mrcup 18


L'envol by Oddity Studio

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oddity lenvol mrcup 02
oddity lenvol mrcup 03
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oddity lenvol mrcup 12


Mortal Media by Matt Stevens

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mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 01
Long time I did not share a project by Matt Stevens ! Love this one...
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 02
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 03
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 04
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 05
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 06
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 07
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 08
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 09
mortalmedia mattstevens mrcup 10