Design by Diamond

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Running a Kickstarter and I knew this one won't be easy! But "It always seems impossible until it's done", so I keep faith in support of readers of this blog! ! Today I want to share the project of Nicholas d'Amico ! Enjoy ! 
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Lawrence Boone Selections by Phoenix

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Last week I was back in Paris for an Adobe special event sharing about Movies and creativity! If you do not follow Adobe, they just launch a very interesting contest about creative tools you can see here.
Being in Paris was the opportunity to visit my friend Camille Gabarra, who wants me to show their renovated studio! And it worth it! The place is amazing and you do not feel like being in Paris with their plants and trees on the front. Camille and his partner in crime, Tugdual, share my passion for handcrafted and beautiful printed items. A pleasure to see their latest creations.
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More from LG&G here and there, 2 previous posts and on their website  www.legoffetgabarra.fr


Plume Wifi by Character

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characters mrcup 01
You must admit this would be much better for your wifi access! See full project on Caracter.
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