La Diplomate by Rice Creative

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ladiplomate mrcup 01
Great identity and tea boxes label by Rice Creative (in Vietnam) for this Bordeaux (France) shop ! What a small world.
ladiplomate mrcup 02
ladiplomate mrcup 03
ladiplomate mrcup 04
ladiplomate mrcup 05
ladiplomate mrcup 08
ladiplomate mrcup 06



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sublimio mrcup 01
Sublimio is the creative studio of Matteo Modica based in Roma. Selection of their latest projects. 
sublimio mrcup 02
sublimio mrcup 03
sublimio mrcup 04
sublimio mrcup 05
sublimio mrcup 06
sublimio mrcup 07
sublimio mrcup 08
sublimio mrcup 09
sublimio mrcup 10
sublimio mrcup 11


El Moro Churrería by Cadena + Asociados

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elmorochurreria mrcup 01
If you ask me which blogs I follow and inspires me the most, Yatzer is at the top of the list ! This is where I found these pictures of El Moro Churrería in Mexico City by Cadena + Asociados ! So impatient to redesign this blog to be able to share bigger images ! 
elmorochurreria mrcup 02
elmorochurreria mrcup 03
elmorochurreria mrcup 04
elmorochurreria mrcup 05
elmorochurreria mrcup 06
elmorochurreria mrcup 07
elmorochurreria mrcup 08


Benoit Berger

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Berger mrcup 01
I love Instagram, and I love when I discover account like Benoit Berger one. It does on me the same effect as when I discover Christian Watson 1924.us (who, by the way, decided to close his account last week !)... Here comes a selection of his images.
Berger mrcup 02
Berger mrcup 03
Berger mrcup 04
Berger mrcup 05
Berger mrcup 06
Berger mrcup 07
Berger mrcup 08
Berger mrcup 09
Berger mrcup 10
Berger mrcup 11
Berger mrcup 12
Berger mrcup 13
Berger mrcup 14
Berger mrcup 15
Berger mrcup 16
Berger mrcup 17
Berger mrcup 18
Berger mrcup 19
Berger mrcup 20
Berger mrcup 21
Berger mrcup 22
Berger mrcup 23
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