Funnel : Eric Kass identity

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Eric is one of the « regulars » of the blog here ! He also has participated to 2 editions of the letterpress calendar ! His new metal business card is just a piece of art ! Enjoy.
funnel2018 mrcup 01
funnel2018 mrcup 02
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Dan Gretta Design

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dangretta mrcup 01
Of course, I love Dan Gretta work! Nice mix of vintage inspiration and modern design! 
dangretta mrcup 02
dangretta mrcup 03
dangretta mrcup 04
dangretta mrcup 05
dangretta mrcup 06
dangretta mrcup 077
dangretta mrcup 08
dangretta mrcup 09
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dangretta mrcup 11
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Caen’s National Choreographic Centre by Murmure

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"The agency wished to highlight the relationship to space as a scenic composition, whilst continuing the work that was initiated during the previous season. The tear, random and manual, is hereby underlined by the combination of geometric shapes and the paper’s various textures. Minimalist, elegant and singular, the compositions work in sets and blend in perfectly with the new visual identity."
caen 01
caen 02
caen 03
caen 04
caen 05
caen 06
caen 07
caen 08
caen 09


Taverne Louise by Agency LG2

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"Develop a logo and an aesthetic identity for a new restaurant whose name and menu are at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. The restaurant is located in Québec City’s Old Port, right in front of its namesake, Bassin Louise. It was named in honour of Queen Victoria’s daughter, a significant figure in our country’s history. The logo reflects the restaurant’s menu, putting a modern spin on tradition. Louise’s royal coat of arms has been distilled to its geometrical essence. The “O” wears an understated crown and omnipresent royal colours (gold and black) give it an attractively regal air. "
teverne louise 2
teverne louise 3
teverne louise 4
teverne louise 5
teverne louise 6
teverne louise 7
teverne louise 9
teverne louise 08
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