DS3 Café Racer By BMD

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BMD DS3 MrCup 01
Love when a design is applied to an unusual surface like this lettering by BMD design on a car!
BMD DS3 MrCup 03
BMD DS3 MrCup 05
BMD DS3 MrCup 06


Hotel Círculo del Casino by Noho Comunicacion

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Circulo del Casino MrCup 01
Another great identity project by Miguel Cano from Noho Comunicacion with Kevin Cantrell
Circulo del Casino MrCup 02
Circulo del Casino MrCup 03
Circulo del Casino MrCup 04
Circulo del Casino MrCup 05
Circulo del Casino MrCup 06
Circulo del Casino MrCup 07
Circulo del Casino MrCup 08
Circulo del Casino MrCup 09


Deadlines Board by Traina Design

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Deadlines 1
Love this project by Traina and I am the happy owner of one !  "This past fall, the Traina team was haunted by the spirits of the looming Halloween season, summoning us to create a custom designed Ouija board. But, this was not your grandmother’s Ouija board. This was to be used as a self-promotional tool, themed and designed to guide marketers through their trickiest projects – never missing a deadline. And “abracadabra” – the Deadlines inspiration board was born."
Deadlines 2
Deadlines 3
Deadlines 4
Deadlines 5
Deadlines 6
Deadlines 7


Vallier Bistro by Phoenix

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vallier bistro 02
This project is cool, but the Phoenix website is just super cool! 
vallier bistro 01
vallier bistro 03
vallier bistro 04
vallier bistro 05
vallier bistro 06
vallier bistro 07
vallier bistro 08
vallier bistro 09
vallier bistro 10