Don papa 10 by Strange and Stranger

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strangerstranger mrcup 04


The Stranger & Stranger masterpiece!  I just found a Don Papa Rum ages 10 years! So I need to repost it !  


strangerstranger mrcup 01 


strangerstranger mrcup 02


strangerstranger mrcup 03


strangerstranger mrcup 05


strangerstranger mrcup 06


strangerstranger mrcup 07


strangerstranger mrcup 08


strangerstranger mrcup 09


Stranger & Stranger


Projects selection N°18 : Coffee & Tea

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coffeeandtea mrcup 000
Coffee or Tea? Here is a selection of 5 coffee packaging projects and 5 for tea! Like this everybody is happy!

Sons of Liberty by Corinne Alexandra

coffeeandtea mrcup 01
coffeeandtea mrcup 02
coffeeandtea mrcup 03

Kjeldsberg by Frank Oslo

coffeeandtea mrcup 04
coffeeandtea mrcup 05
coffeeandtea mrcup 06

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room by Fred Carriedo

coffeeandtea mrcup 07
coffeeandtea mrcup 08
coffeeandtea mrcup 09

Coronini Cafe by Milos Milovanovic

coffeeandtea mrcup 12
coffeeandtea mrcup 10
coffeeandtea mrcup 11

Senses by Guilherme Vissotto

coffeeandtea mrcup 13
coffeeandtea mrcup 14
coffeeandtea mrcup 15

La Tigresa by Farm

coffeeandtea mrcup 16
coffeeandtea mrcup 17
coffeeandtea mrcup 18

Kalon Tea by Hio Cheng Choi

coffeeandtea mrcup 19
coffeeandtea mrcup 20
coffeeandtea mrcup 21

Halfday Tea Institute by Yinjue

coffeeandtea mrcup 22
coffeeandtea mrcup 23
coffeeandtea mrcup 24

Teapod by Studio Born

coffeeandtea mrcup 27
coffeeandtea mrcup 25
coffeeandtea mrcup 26

TEA-枞宗-木质味老枞水仙 by 7654321 Studio

coffeeandtea mrcup 28
coffeeandtea mrcup 29
coffeeandtea mrcup 30



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sw playingcards mrcup 01
This is what happens when you bring Star Wars fans for the design (Ty Mattson and his team, that done these posters some years ago); and Studio on fire for the printing! 

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Mattson Creative partnered with Theory 11 to create two collectible playing card decks inspired by the Light and Dark Side of the Force. Emblazoned with iconic characters and breathtaking designs, each deck is beautifully packaged in a vibrant blue or striking red foil-embossed box to ensure whichever side you choose, the Force will be with you. Always.

Both decks have the same set of 12 court cards, with iconic light side and dark side characters. Each card features detailed depictions of these iconic characters. On the light side: Rey, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and more.


They are now available in the Mr Cup Shop


sw playingcards mrcup 02


sw playingcards mrcup 03


sw playingcards mrcup 04


sw playingcards mrcup 05


sw playingcards mrcup 06


sw playingcards mrcup 07


sw playingcards mrcup 08


sw playingcards mrcup 09


sw playingcards mrcup 10


sw playingcards mrcup 11


sw playingcards mrcup 12


sw playingcards mrcup 13


sw playingcards mrcup 14


sw playingcards mrcup 15


Get the cards in the shop


Projects selection N°17

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10projects022020 mrcup 01
Too much great stuff and not enough time to go deep into details. So here are 10 links and 3 images for 10 projects. I hope it inspires you! 

Collector Story Josh Minnich by The Type Hunter

10projects022020 mrcup 02
10projects022020 mrcup 03
10projects022020 mrcup 04

Pressing Matters magazine volume 10

10projects022020 mrcup 05 
10projects022020 mrcup 06
10projects022020 mrcup 07

DRACULA: The Evidence

10projects022020 mrcup 08
10projects022020 mrcup 09
10projects022020 mrcup 10
10projects022020 mrcup 11
10projects022020 mrcup 12
10projects022020 mrcup 13
10projects022020 mrcup 14
10projects022020 mrcup 15

The botanic honey packaging by Zanas Karenauskas from studio CTM printed by Elegante Press

10projects022020 mrcup 16 
10projects022020 mrcup 17
10projects022020 mrcup 18

XM Breakthrough Artist Guitar 

10projects022020 mrcup 19
10projects022020 mrcup 20
10projects022020 mrcup 21

Ben Didier on dribbble

10projects022020 mrcup 22
10projects022020 mrcup 23
10projects022020 mrcup 24
10projects022020 mrcup 25
10projects022020 mrcup 26
10projects022020 mrcup 27

The Avett Brothers by Castiron Design

10projects022020 mrcup 28
10projects022020 mrcup 29
10projects022020 mrcup 30