Ephemerid playing cards : the collector's editions

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Ephemerid collector mrcup 01

2 years ago I get the idea of my first playing cards deck, EPHEMERID, and the success of its crowdfunding changed my life and my business. As a collector myself, I know this feeling of special editions and rare items. While printing the tucks cases of the PRECIOUS METAL EDITIONS, I had the opportunity to work on very special editions. Studio Pression, my printing partner, was kind enough to "play the game" and we did new collectors editions.  

Ephemerid collector mrcup 02
Ephemerid collector mrcup 03
Ephemerid collector mrcup 04
Ephemerid collector mrcup 05
Ephemerid collector mrcup 06
Ephemerid collector mrcup 07
Ephemerid collector mrcup 08
Ephemerid collector mrcup 09
Ephemerid collector mrcup 10
Ephemerid collector mrcup 11
Ephemerid collector mrcup 12


The Brass Onion by Carpenter Collective

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CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 01
Tad Carpenter and team are the best to bring great illustration and typo into branding. The Brass Onion is the perfect exemple... just as PT's Coffee project you can see here.
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 02
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 03
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 04
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 05
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 06
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 07
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 08
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 09
CarpenterCollective TheBrassOnion mrcup 10


Projects selection N°19

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mrcupselection 01
10 projects selection was too much work (and info), so I will go with 5 for now. You can see previous post by looking for "selection" in the search up there. 
mrcupselection 02
mrcupselection 03
mrcupselection 04

PROBE by Shift

mrcupselection 05
mrcupselection 07
mrcupselection 06

Saving Design via Adobe Create

mrcupselection 08
mrcupselection 09

Les Nettoyeurs Whites

mrcupselection 10
mrcupselection 11
mrcupselection 12
mrcupselection 13
mrcupselection 14
mrcupselection 15


Jay Fletcher

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jfletcherdesign mrcup 01
Amazing to follow someone work for so long and figuring out and I never share his work here! I could publish a hundred images of Jay Fletcher... let's focus on recent projects and playing cards! 
jfletcherdesign mrcup 02
jfletcherdesign mrcup 03
jfletcherdesign mrcup 04
jfletcherdesign mrcup 05
jfletcherdesign mrcup 06
jfletcherdesign mrcup 07
jfletcherdesign mrcup 08
jfletcherdesign mrcup 09
jfletcherdesign mrcup 10
jfletcherdesign mrcup 11
jfletcherdesign mrcup 12
jfletcherdesign mrcup 13
jfletcherdesign mrcup 14
jfletcherdesign mrcup 15