Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur by The Young Jerks

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mrblack mrcup 01
I sadly did not post as often as usual in this blog. Instagram took a lot of time and I hope you follow me there. I have so much projets I want to share and I will try to update more often. Here is the Mr Black coffee liqueur design by The Young Jerks. Check their website for a lot of other inspiring projects.
mrblack mrcup 02
mrblack mrcup 03
mrblack mrcup 04
mrblack mrcup 05
mrblack mrcup 07
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mrblack mrcup 09
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Projects selection N°21 : PRINT

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print mrcup 01
Here comes a selection of projects where the printing techniques and paper are a big part of the design. 

Moneywise by Dialogue - Greece

print mrcup 02
print mrcup 03

Studio of fire promo notebook - USA

I already post it but these new photos by Cody Petts are too cool! 
print mrcup 04
print mrcup 05
print mrcup 06

A language among designers by Studio WMW - Hong Kong

print mrcup 07
print mrcup 08
print mrcup 09

Kanica by Angelos Botsis - Greece

print mrcup 10
print mrcup 11
print mrcup 12

Bentwood by Hungry Workshop - Australia

print mrcup 13
print mrcup 14
print mrcup 15


Garstone by Constantin Bolimond and Tamara Vareyko

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garstone mrcup 01
Designed by Constantin Bolimond based on an illustration by Tamara Vareyko, nice concept and rendering! 
garstone mrcup 02
garstone mrcup 03
garstone mrcup 04
garstone mrcup 05
garstone mrcup 06
garstone mrcup 07
garstone mrcup 08
garstone mrcup 09
garstone mrcup 10
Also very impressed but all the "making of" images...
garstone mrcup 11
Found on Behance:  Constantin Bolimond / Tamara Vareyko


Enjoy 2022 / 2021 Mr Cup year in review

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mrcup 2021inreview 01
mrcup 2021inreview 02
mrcup 2021inreview 03
mrcup 2021inreview 04
mrcup 2021inreview 05
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mrcup 2021inreview 07
mrcup 2021inreview 08
mrcup 2021inreview 09