La Cuarta Pared by Simón Londoño

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lacuartapared mrcup 01
Thanks, Simon to share your project with me, very inspiring! 
lacuartapared mrcup 02
lacuartapared mrcup 03
lacuartapared mrcup 04
lacuartapared mrcup 05
lacuartapared mrcup 06
lacuartapared mrcup 07
lacuartapared mrcup 08
lacuartapared mrcup 09
lacuartapared mrcup 10
lacuartapared mrcup 11
lacuartapared mrcup 12
lacuartapared mrcup 13
lacuartapared mrcup 14


The french dispatch movie posters

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thefrenchdispatch mrcup 01
Following The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson new movie will be out soon (with some delay as everything...). The characters posters just have been released and it seems they are released by Erica Dorn with some design from Annie Atkins... 
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 02
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 03
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 04
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 05
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 06
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 07
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 08
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 09
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 10
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 11
thefrenchdispatch mrcup 12
french dispatch full


Jean-Charles Desevre

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jcdeserve mrcup 02
Jean-Charles is a creative from France and his latest projects are so good. I would love to see more details of his work... 
jcdeserve mrcup 01
jcdeserve mrcup 03
jcdeserve mrcup 05
jcdeserve mrcup 06
jcdeserve mrcup 08
jcdeserve mrcup 09
jcdeserve mrcup 11
jcdeserve mrcup 14
jcdeserve mrcup 15
jcdeserve mrcup 18
jcdeserve mrcup 20
jcdeserve mrcup 21
jcdeserve mrcup 22
jcdeserve mrcup 24


Proxima Vera

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proximavera mrcup 01
I get a lot of submissions for the blog, and here is a great one I just get.  Established by Monica Ong, Proxima Vera is a micro-press specializing in visual poetry broadsides, literary art objects, and digital editions. Distinct in design and playful innovation, these literary works reside within distinguished institutions and private collections worldwide. 
proximavera mrcup 02
proximavera mrcup 03
proximavera mrcup 04
proximavera mrcup 05
proximavera mrcup 06