Good movies as old books by Matt Stevens

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mattstevens mrcup 01
A personal project is always a great way to express yourself. I just love the latest project by Matt Stevens, he envisions some of his favorite films as vintage books! My selection, but you can see more on his web site.

UPDATE: Matt launches a Kickstarter to do a book with all his designs, go here to support! 

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More posts from Matt here, there and there.


Hungry Workshop visit and support

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I never visit the Hungry workshop but I feel so connected with them over the years that I feel like. I did a letterpress workshop with Jenna Hipgrave even before knowing she had this amazing studio. It was in 2010 in Brisbane! They also create their own goodies and I just love the new Heavy Metal pin. As support in these strange times, I buy them a bunch and have them available in the Mr. Cup Shop now. Shipping will be done at the end of the lockdown... Their work, studio, and their web site are so inspiring. Enjoy the visit.  (photos by Shantanu Starick)
 HungryWorkshop mrcup 01
HungryWorkshop mrcup 02
HungryWorkshop mrcup 03
HungryWorkshop mrcup 05
HungryWorkshop mrcup 06
HungryWorkshop mrcup 07
HungryWorkshop mrcup 09
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HungryWorkshop mrcup 17
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Comence x Type Type Font collection

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comencefont mrcup 01
Today I see a post by Pavel Emelyanov and I figure out I did not check his work for too long... 5 years! I would simply post all his projects! You can found past projects here (under Eskimo), here, here and there... He now works with/at Comence and here is their fonts collection: the result of three years collaboration between Comence studio and TypeType Foundry. Together they created and released three sans serif font families (TT Norms Pro, TT Commons & TT Hoves).
comencefont mrcup 02
comencefont mrcup 03
comencefont mrcup 04 
 comencefont mrcup 05
comencefont mrcup 06
comencefont mrcup 07
comencefont mrcup 08
comencefont mrcup 09
comencefont mrcup 10
comencefont mrcup 11
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João Neves

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 Great safety Matches  and vintage packaging projects by Portugal designerJoão Neves. 
joaoneves mrcup 05joaoneves mrcup 02
joaoneves mrcup 07joaoneves mrcup 08
joaoneves mrcup 09
joaoneves mrcup 10
joaoneves mrcup 11
joaoneves mrcup 12
joaoneves mrcup 13
joaoneves mrcup 14
joaoneves mrcup 15
joaoneves mrcup 16
I found João's work on this great article about Safty Matches design by heritagetype.com. And if you want amazing original boxes, check my friend Mark The Box SF Instagram or web site!