Romero by Cocoa

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medallas y monedas romero 01 mrcup
"Medallas y Monedas Romero is a company that has been in the awards, trophies, and commemorative medal industry for 40 years. In honor of their 40 years in business, MM Romero created a large event where they invited employees, friends, members of the press, and collaborators, to commemorate this company milestone and to present a book that tells the company’s history from its humble beginnings. We decided on a classic, clean, eye-catching, and, above all else, exclusive design. This was done to create a memorable piece not only for the founder but also for those that received one of the limited edition titles."
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Familia Mastrantonio by Hachetresele

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familia mastrantonio mrcup 01
"The project included the development of the visual identity of the enterprise and its 3 product lines. In complement with each line developed als individual identities, bottle dress and the corresponding packaging. Complementary applications were records of product, an emblem book and a small autobiographical documentary clip."
familia mastrantonio mrcup 02
familia mastrantonio mrcup 03
familia mastrantonio mrcup 04
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familia mastrantonio mrcup 07
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Hot Box by Mattson creative

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Hotbox mattson mrcup 01
"A stylish new wellness experience, HotBox is an infrared sauna studio that delivers a wide variety of health and beauty benefits. Leading up to the recent launch of their first location in downtown Los Angeles, Mattson Creative developed a comprehensive brand campaign that included strategy, naming, identity, collateral and environmental expressions."
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MPO vinyles made in France

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mpo redbull mrcup 01
One of the biggest factories of vinyl is in France, and never stop production for 60 years! In these days of “vinyl revival” Redbull (yes, Redbull) made a great article with beautiful photos on their blog. I do not find an English version, but you should take a look only for the images!
mpo redbull mrcup 02
mpo redbull mrcup 03
mpo redbull mrcup 04
mpo redbull mrcup 05
mpo redbull mrcup 06
mpo redbull mrcup 07
mpo redbull mrcup 08
mpo redbull mrcup 09
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