Adobe Max 2018 - Day 2 - for the love of print!

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Hidden Treasures: the LOST BAUHAUS TYPEFACES

If you do not hear about this project, I invite you to read al the story here. While in Adobe Max last year, Erik Spiekermann presents a wood version of one of the Bauhaus typeface, with a workshop to print them! It was, of course, one of my favorite part of the Max 2018 market. You can find the fonts on Adobe font (which replaces Typekit by the way). Did you know that all the Adobe font are now included with your subscription? Pretty amazing. 
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It was a pleasure to meet Erik in person, and the next step would be to visit the p98a workshop. Discover it in this article.

For the love of (French) paper! 

Like past years, French papers did an amazing job with some free goodies for all attendees! Gold hot foil posters and Draplin postcards! 
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Nice to meet you Studio on fire... finally!

Studio on fire print my first business card 10 years ago! And this year, it was a great moment to meet Ben Lievitz and see the amazing samples and printing plates he brings with him! Yes, Studio on fire print all the amazing T11 decks available in the shop.
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Thanks again to Adobe France for the invitation! Nothing like meeting creatives in real life! Me (or the calendar) with Erik Spiekermann, Ben Lievitz and Yes Chris Do was there too! 
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MAKE 100 / Mr Cup Letterpress coasters

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IMG 7165
 I discover letterpress printing 10 years ago. It basically changed my way of designing. My first items were my own business cards, and soon I created a set of 4 coasters to explore the possibilities. Limited (as all my products) they are sold out for a long time.

With first printing, I create a prototype of a wood box for a set of 8 coasters, but it never goes further, only 5 were made to see how it looks like. To celebrate the past 10 years, I decided to reprint the original coasters, create a set of 4 more coasters and an edition of 100 with the wood box as the part of the Kickstarter MAKE 100 project. 

IMG 6148
Hope you are fine and ready to enjoy Christmas time with family and friends. We work hard with Studio Pression this week to finish the calendars and start shipping. After some very long days, they are now ready and 1/4 are sent. 

Here comes some more making of pictures of the hot foil pages...

IMG 6231
IMG 6159
IMG 6160
IMG 6173
IMG 6175
IMG 6195


EPhemerid playings cards update

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Past weeks have been very busy. I am very pleased how it turns out, the details are impressive as it is the first time we use copper plates. Here are some making of shoots...


mrcup ephemerid 01


mrcup ephemerid 03


mrcup ephemerid 04


mrcup ephemerid 05


mrcup ephemerid 06


These were the good news! Because we still need to finalize the dealer coin which is very complicated. But I am close to found the solution. The coasters should be printed this week, as the thanks card! So, as you understand, I am really sorry to have to announce that the Ephemerid cards won't be delivered in time for Christmas. No magical power will bring them under the tree in time, sadly... Thanks again for support, understanding, and patience.


Pre-order them in the Mr Cup Shop.