Kusama:Infinity by Anonymous

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Kusama anonymous mrcup 01
Design film festival by Anonymous is an amazing project they organize every year until... you know. This is the 2019 edition, check past editions and other Anonymous projects here.
As part of a preview event for A Design Film Festival 2019, we acquired the rights to screen documentary Kusama:Infinity. Anonymous shaped the marketing and creative direction for the premiere, as well as designed the merchandise, event poster and flyer, microsite and motion graphics. The poster, tickets and tote bags were designed with die-cut holes to reflect how the film allows us a glimpse into Yayoi Kusama’s life and career. By simply having the tickets or flyers placed in front of any background or surface, the audience can create their own polka dots.
Kusama anonymous mrcup 02
Kusama anonymous mrcup 03
Kusama anonymous mrcup 04
Kusama anonymous mrcup 05
Kusama anonymous mrcup 06
Kusama anonymous mrcup 07
Kusama anonymous mrcup 08
Kusama anonymous mrcup 09
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Star Wars Mandala by Tony Bamber

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TonyBamber mrcup 01
On this Star Wars Day, I wanted to share about this amazing Mandal created by Tony Bamber some years ago. May the 4th be with you.
TonyBamber mrcup 02
TonyBamber mrcup 03
TonyBamber mrcup 04
TonyBamber mrcup 05
TonyBamber mrcup 06

mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 08
Another breathtaking item and design but Chad Michael ! They are now available in the mrcup-shop.com
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 09
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 10
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 11
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 12
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 14
now available in the mrcup-shop.com


Louise Fili Ltd

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Louisefili mrcup 01
I can not believe I never post about Louise Filly on this blog. Here is a little tour of her studio and a selection of identity and packaging. 
Louisefili mrcup 02
Louisefili mrcup 03
Louisefili mrcup 04
Louisefili mrcup 05
Louisefili mrcup 06
Louisefili mrcup 07
Louisefili mrcup 08
Louisefili mrcup 09
Louisefili mrcup 10
Louisefili mrcup 11
Louisefili mrcup 12
Louisefili mrcup 13
Louisefili mrcup 14
Louisefili mrcup 15
Louisefili mrcup 16
Louisefili mrcup 17
Louisefili mrcup 18
Louisefili mrcup 19
Louisefili mrcup 20
Louisefili mrcup 21
Louisefili mrcup 22
Louisefili mrcup 23
Louisefili mrcup 24
Louisefili mrcup 25
Louisefili mrcup 26