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Here is a selection of 5 Honey related projects! All are from Behance. 

Broken Clover Colonies by Peter Voth

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honey mrcup 03

Bzzz Premium Honey Backbone Branding

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honey mrcup 06
honey mrcup 05

Meluar Honey infused Gin by ThinkBold 

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honey mrcup 08
honey mrcup 09

Casa das Chãs by Unformal Studio

honey mrcup 10
honey mrcup 11
honey mrcup 12

HONIE Bee by Cansu Merdamert

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honey mrcup 14
honey mrcup 15


Mr Cup projects updates

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Hope you are fine. I started this blog in June... 2006! Yes, 15 years ago. If I always post often on it, I slow down a little for the past months as, well, I can not be everywhere. Same for social media, I mainly focus on Instagram and daily posts there. But here are a few updates of the recent projects and achievements! 


This is my current project: Celebrating spectacular typography creations with a visual book & letterpress prints. Sanborn Fire Protection Maps were originally created back in the 1860s to assess buildings and homes before insurance companies issued fire protection policies. If they are frequently used by historians for the important information they gave on cities, what always fascinated me about these maps is the typographic work done on each city name. I spend hours documenting all this legacy and order them alphabetically. Passionate by print, I want to give these a new life with letterpress prints and a book. 
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mr cup projects updates 03
mr cup projects updates 04
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mr cup projects updates 06
mr cup projects updates 07
mr cup projects updates 08
mr cup projects updates 09
mr cup projects updates 10


The Crossed Key Society is a collection of 6 playing cards decks inspired by Europe's Grandest and Greatest Historic Hotels.

mr cup projects updates 12
mr cup projects updates 13
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mr cup projects updates 15
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This was my big project. Everything is now available (except sold-out limited items of course). The last items are the dice and coins!
mr cup projects updates 20
mr cup projects updates 30
mr cup projects updates 31
mr cup projects updates 32
mr cup projects updates 33
mr cup projects updates 34
mr cup projects updates 35
Thank you all for your support! 


Working with Cognac Ferrand

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From the past weeks, I have had the chance to work with the Ferrand team on a project I can not reveal yet. Everything started in March, with they contact me following me on Instagram. They invited me to the Cognac area, where they have their vineyards and cellars, but most importantly, an amazing castle that did not move for years: the Manoir de Mademoiselle. It was like visiting Disneyland for me. I post a lot of photos on Instagram and even a video of the visit. Here comes a little selection.
ferrand mrcup 02
ferrand mrcup 03
ferrand mrcup 04
ferrand mrcup 05
ferrand mrcup 06
ferrand mrcup 07
ferrand mrcup 08
Ferrand Cognac packaging were designed by the ones and only Stranger and stranger. The Legendaire box and bottle are inspired by the Manoir main door. 
ferrand mrcup 14
ferrand mrcup 13
ferrand mrcup 12
ferrand mrcup 09
ferrand mrcup 10
ferrand mrcup 11
They also create the first french Gin CITADELLE and the art deco bootle and the design is so inspiring too.
ferrand mrcup 15
ferrand mrcup 16
ferrand mrcup 17
ferrand mrcup 18



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Let start the week with a selection with coffee projects : packaging and coffee machines ! 

Café Pista by Caserne

coffee mrcup 02
coffee mrcup 03
coffee mrcup 04


coffee mrcup 05
coffee mrcup 06
coffee mrcup 07

Compound Coffee Company by Darling 

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coffee mrcup 09
coffee mrcup 10

Onyx Coffee Lab

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coffee mrcup 12
coffee mrcup 13

Fragments by Olena Fedorova

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coffee mrcup 15
coffee mrcup 16